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Team Reeve Wins Big at Kentucky Derby Fest

Magee Rehabilitation comes out on top in the Kentucky Derby Festival Team Reeve "NRN Challenge."
By Paula Kennedy, Kentucky Derby Festival, Team Reeve Coordinator

2010 KDF Kessler NRN relay team -  Keiana Worth, Buffy Wojciehowski, Laura Short, Paulette Stone
2010 KDF Kessler NRN relay team - Keiana Worth, Buffy Wojciehowski, Laura Short, Paulette Stone
While the track was muddy at this year’s Kentucky Derby, the sun was shining bright on our Kentucky Derby Festival Team Reeve fundraisers. The NeuroRecovery Network, made up of seven rehabilitation centers and three community fitness facilities across the country, banded together and this year nearly TRIPLED the amount of money that was raised last year.

(Watch the slideshow.)

Spurred on by the Network Directors and the “NRN Challenge”, the fund raising took on a competitive tone between the facilities and centers. The NRN Directors and even a research team from the University of Louisville/Frazier Rehab were also formidable opponents in the competition. Magee Rehabilitation and the Kessler Foundation Research Center ran neck to neck throughout the campaign yet, in the final hours, Magee inched ahead and will take home this year’s Traveling Trophy.

On your mark ...
The teams bolted out of the starting gate during the two-month campaign and earned points for dollars raised, as well as the number of team members they signed up and, members that actually ran in the Kentucky Derby MiniMarathon/Marathon. Featured on the team home pages were pictures and stories about NRN participants enrolled in our studies. The teams earned points for that too. In addition to the Traveling Trophy, special incentives were on the line, but in the end, it was the competitive nature of the Team Captains that proved to be the prime motivator.
The winners are
The Team Captain Award went to Buffy Wojciehowski from Kessler! The top individual fund raiser was Tony Mozer from the University of Louisville, who alone raised $915. Tony was also the fastest Team Reeve runner, having finished the MiniMarathon (13.1 miles) in 1:46:26. A relay team from Kessler finished the full Marathon in 4:36:36, and the youngest Team Reeve Runners in the MiniMarathon were Sienna Basso Schricker (age 5) and Winston Basso Schricker (age 7).

A special thanks goes out to Mary’s Walkabout, a family (not affiliated with the NRN) who joined Team Reeve and raised money in honor of Mary Beall, a Dayton, Ohio police officer who suffered a spinal cord injury in the line of duty. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and they’ve promised to come back again next year!

On a final note, the NRN and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation would like to thank all of the people who participated, not only for their fund raising efforts, but also for the work they do on a daily basis to improve the lives of people with all kinds of paralysis and disabilities.
  • Short Description: Winston and Sienna at Churchill Downs.
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