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Welcome to the Team Reeveģ Donation Page of
Christine Mueller

Thank you for your involvement!

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Join me in my efforts to support The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation!

Dear all,

This is my fundraising page for Team Reeve!

Please take some time to read my reasons for running a half marathon below. Should you want to support me with a donation, whatever the size, I would be so grateful! Of course I am also very happy if you write something below to keep my motivation from running away (haha, no pun intended) and hiding in a corner!

I joined Team Reeve because I will run the half marathon here in Frankfurt, Germany, on March 10, 2013.

You may ask "Why?".
There are several reasons.

Let me back up a bit: In summer 2010, I interned at the Reeve Foundation for a period of 3 months. It was a great experience with a super-committed team and I learned a lot. Of course they told me about Team Reeve as well and I was fascinated by the idea in general: People do something for their health and mind and have fun, and at the same time they raise money for a worthy cause (and give their friends and family a chance to support them while doing so)!

Since then, I wanted to participate in a marathon.
But wanting is of course not enough.
Due to the intensity of my studies and the job hunting afterwards, I didn't find the time or motivation to commit to such a goal.
Now, however, I have more or less settled in Frankfurt, Germany (I am German, by the way, as you might have guessed already :D) and Team Reeve crept from the back of my mind to the front somehow. So I decided to just go for it! The half-marathon in March seemed to be a good starting point.
So that's the first reason: To be part of Team Reeve and support the great Reeve Foundation to not only care for people who have damaged spinal cords etc., but also for the people who in turn take care of them. Those people have my deepest respect!

Another reason is that I want to challenge myself and show to others and myself that I can run a half-marathon if I set my mind to it!
I love the quote on the back of that shirt I am wearing in the picture: "For everyone who thought I couldn't do it, for everyone who thought I shouldnít do it, for everyone who said I didnít have it in me, see you at the finish line!" It keeps me going when I train and my legs start to hurt so much! There is one lesson however that I already have learned: There hasnít been one person who has not been supportive of my plans. So the part with all the others not thinking I could succeed is not valid in my case.
During my training so far I found out that it is no other person than MYSELF who I have to convince that I can do this 21k! What a revelation ;). It sounds so cheesy that I only have to overcome myself and bla-dee-bla, but thatís just it!
So Christine, see you at the finish line!

And finally, it has some perks to train regularly: My body gets fitter and healthier, and I get to spend time with friends during our runs and get plenty of fresh air after all those hours at the office.

So after reading all this, I have even convinced myself that there is no reason NOT to run the half marathon on March 10 :D. Donít you agree?

As mentioned in the beginning, I would be so grateful should you decide to contribute to my success monetarily or with supportive messages. This means so much to me to know that I have you all on my side!

By the way, I intend to post regular updates from my training in the Reeve community:
I have already started doing so, but not very often and thoroughly which will hopefully change from now on.

Did I already mention that Iíd be happy if you donated some money or wrote a supportive message? :)

Thanks so much everyone!

Warm regards (from very cold) Germany,


The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for individuals living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.

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