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Welcome to the Donation Page of
Jeff Kellogg

Thank you for your involvement!

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Join me in my efforts to support The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation!

Please join me in my support of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

For those of you less familiar with my personal experience here is a quick rundown:

September 29, 2007 I broke my neck and suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury; after being airlifted to the hospital and hours of surgery the immediate result was loss of all motor function (paralysis) of everything other than my left arm. I progressively began to regain use of my left leg. The shorter term result was continued loss of motor function on the right side of my body, specifically the right leg and right hand with sensory loss on the left side, also known as Brown-Sequard Syndrome. I was a patient at Kessler Medical Rehab in New Jersey where I was discharged using a walker. What followed was years of physical and occupational therapy. After a lot of hard work and determination, fueled by the support of my amazing family and friends, I have completed 2 half marathons and I strongly feel it is now time to capitalize on the second chance I have been provided and raise awareness for this amazing foundation. It will be the hardest physical challenge post accident and I am full of excitement to demonstrate the power of positive thought, modern medicine, and hard work.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or comments please reach out to me. I will be providing training and fundraising updates via social media.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

Thank you to all my incredible friends and family!

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The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for individuals living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.

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