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Lights On The Lawn Concert
Friday October 19, 8PM-12 On Alumni Lawn
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Lights On The Lawn Concert Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $90,000.00
Total Raised: $71,656.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 100
Members Recruited: 56

Lights on the Lawn Concert 2012

On April 14, 2012 a friend and fraternity brother of mine, suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury from a boating accident. Over the past 5 months my friend Luke has battled countless infections and works every day to regain his good health, strength, and ability to walk. During this time he has demonstrated true courage and bravery. Luke has fought day in and day out to do things that seem like second nature to us. Despite his hard work and positive mindset, Luke could not yet come back to school for this fall semester but plans to do so in the spring. The main obstacle preventing Luke’s return to Vanderbilt is a rehabilitation machine instrumental to his recovery. Luke has achieved so many goals over the past five months, but needs your help on this one.

In turn, my fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi, along with the entire Vanderbilt Greek Community, is pledging to raise $90,000 to purchase a LocoMotor Training machine for the greater Nashville area. Hospitals in the Nashville area are not currently equipped with the proper machinery vital for Luke's continued progress and recovery, and we desperately want our friend back.

For more detailed information concerning the Locomotor Machine, as it is too complex to explain in my own words, I have attached a link so you can see how it works. In a brief, yet descriptive summary, the machine uses sensory information from the legs to stimulate walking and learning of motor skills by the nervous system.

Having this machine would not only benefit Luke, but would also be available for other patients with similar mobility disabilities in the Nashville area.

We miss Luke and we want him back at school. Please try to help in any way you can.

Please help us to get Sweet Lu back on two.

Team Members:
Total Raised$71,656.00  
General Team Donation$12,027.00  
Dan Feldman$1,400.00  
Teddy Raskin$6,423.00  
   Altus Adam$1,075.00  
   Adam Ades$557.00  
   Brandon Baron$25.00  
   David Berk$25.00  
   Ethan Berman$175.00  
   Andrew Cohen$100.00  
   Zack Coleman$2,000.00  
   Kyle Cross$25.00  
   Jake Dersovitz$50.00  
   Danielle Dropkin$75.00  
   Charles Fishman$2,346.00  
   Oren Friedman$1,536.00  
   Eric Frieman$125.00  
   Evan Gilbert$1,467.00  
   Michael Goldman$868.00  
   Ryan Goodstadt$375.00  
   David Greenfield$1,325.00  
   Sam Greenwald$775.00  
   Jacob Gutner$525.00  
   Scott Halperin$275.00  
   Tyler Hechler$4,205.00  
   Spencer Jennings$7,005.00  
   Ariel Kanter$125.00  
   Jake Karlsruher$600.00  
   Jordan Kessler$475.00  
   Jade Kipperman$125.00  
   Harrison Klein$915.00  
   Peter Kozey$225.00  
   David Krauss$225.00  
   Jake Lever$500.00  
   Jacob Levin$25.00  
   Carly Levine$1,730.00  
   Jordan Mark$125.00  
   Jake Meister$3,150.00  
   Jake Nechamkin$1,625.00  
   Harrison Neuman$247.00  
   Jacob Nussbaum$475.00  
   Michael Paster$225.00  
   Alex Patkin$300.00  
   Jason Pfeffer$850.00  
   Robbie Sacks$186.00  
   George Sandler$5,700.00  
   Ben Sataloff$125.00  
   Andrew Schuman$325.00  
   Ethan Schurkman$50.00  
   Frank Shapiro$50.00  
   Max Sheridan$40.00  
   Laura Sigelmann$45.00  
   Michael Solomon$75.00  
   Jacob Squadron$575.00  
   Evan Waldenberg$7,048.00  
   Todd Waldenberg$25.00  
   Jordan Weiss$536.00  
   Robbie Winston$150.00  


The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for individuals living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.

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