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Team Reeve

Why I Run for Team Reeve

Meet our athletes participating in this year's Marine Corps, Bank of America Chicago, and ING New York City marathons.

Laura Burke

Laura Burke
New York, NY
Team NYC

The main reason I want to run for Team Reeve is for my parents. My mother has been paralyzed for 25 years. She has not had an easy time the past few years, yet despite it all, she has a cracking sense of humor and a great outlook. My father is her sole caretaker, and provides better care than many trained professionals. For years, he balanced this with a job and two children. While the Reeve Foundation is searching for a cure, I appreciate the resource it provides for the families and caretakers of those affected by a spinal injury -- something not available 25 years ago.

I feel blessed and am proud of my family and I think we are proof that the human spirit can rise to any occasion. To mark my mother's 25 years of good laughs, determination and being a good mom and my father's 25 years of unconditional love, support and care, I will run the NYC marathon with Team Reeve.


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