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Team Reeve

Why I Run for Team Reeve

Meet our athletes participating in this year's Marine Corps, Bank of America Chicago, and ING New York City marathons.

Rory Ewing

Rory Ewing
New York, NY
Team NYC

My family has long been affected by spinal cord injuries. My uncle Pat died 10 years ago from complications after he became a quadriplegic. Around the same time, my aunt Shelia went into the hospital for a routine eye surgery, and due to a mistake during the surgery, has not walked since then. She is confined to a wheelchair and thankfully has regained virtually all movement in her upper body.

Most recently, 2 years ago, my cousin Amy who was a sophomore in college, dove off a pier into shallow water and broke her neck. She has since regained partial movement of her upper body, yet still has issues with her fine motor skills. I am confident I can raise a good amount of money for a cause I feel strongly about and running the NYC marathon is an event in which I have always wanted to participate. I am honored to run for Team Reeve.


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