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Quality of Life Grants: 2nd Cycle 2008: Caring and Coping

Spina Bifida Association
Washington, DC

This grant will help to support the Illuminations for Teens program, which will expand upon Illuminations: Resources for Parenting a Child with Spina Bifida, a multifaceted set of publications and tools that provides parents and caregivers of people with spina bifida resources at critical points in development and transition into adulthood. Spina Bifida Association chapters across the country administer the program and work with parents at any point in their child’s development. Illuminations for Teens (children ages 13 to 15) is the next phase of the program that Spina Bifida of America will develop and will focus on topics based on previous audience research with teens such as talking about Spina Bifida, school and tools (including dealing with bullying), social issues (including sexuality), mental and physical health, and career planning (getting job), in both print and online formats. Grant funds will help to support personnel costs, programmatic supplies and programmatic travel expenses. This grant was funded through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Award #1U59DD000338).

Visit their website: http://www.sbaa.org/

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