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Quality of Life Grants: 1st Cycle 2009: Actively Achieving

Carolina Crash, Inc.

Carolina Crash, Inc.
Charlotte, NC

This grant will help to fund the Carolina Crash, one of two quad rugby programs in the state and the only team sport program in western North Carolina specifically serving the needs of individuals with quadriplegia. The majority of the players are spinal cord injured with impairments in the trunk and all four limbs but other conditions can render athletes eligible. The Crash currently consists of male players, including veterans and adolescents, age 15 to 50. Quad rugby is the only sport of the three competitive adaptive sports available in North Carolina (the others are wheelchair basketball and power soccer) that is intended for the athlete who can use a manual chair, but whose disability characteristically precludes the upper body strength to play basketball. The Carolina Crash provides an outlet in North Carolina that will serve the needs of similar individuals who wish and need to remain fit, to have access to recreation, and to compete at the uppermost elite levels of their sport. Grant funds will help to underwrite the purchase of programmatic equipment; specifically, one Eagle Offensive Rugby Wheelchair and four sets of Spinergy Offensive Wheels, including push-rims and spoke guards. This grant is funded through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Award #1U59DD000338).

Visit their website: www.carolinacrash.org

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