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Quality of Life Grants: 2nd Cycle 2009: Bridging Barriers

Donka, Inc.

Donka, Inc.
Wheaton, IL

This Quality of Life grant will help to support technology services for students who are severely disabled. Equipped with the computer skills provided by Donka, Inc. an average of 25% of students are able to find employment.

However, there are many potential students, who due to the severity of their disability, cannot realistically secure employment; therefore, these individuals do not qualify for assistance through traditional funding resources available for people with disabilities, such as the Department of Rehabilitation Services. This project will serve students who can benefit greatly from computer skills (i.e. connecting to their communities through internet use, creating letters, email, etc.), yet cannot receive the funds for training from traditional funding sources.

Grant funds will help to support some programmatic equipment, including “Go to Meeting” software service that will allow instructors to conduct some of the training remotely while the student remains in their home, voice activation technology and training modules; student training manuals; and travel expenses for the mobile instructor. This grant was funded through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Award # 1U59DD000388).

Visit their website at donkainc.org.

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