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Quality of Life Grants: 1st Cycle 2010: Bridging Barriers

University of Maine System
Orono, ME

This grant will help to support unique project devoted to the design and fabrication of the Servicebot, a cost-efficient, robotic assistant controlled by a wearable biofeedback sensor that will augment the ability of individuals primarily with spinal cord injury but also with other conditions that cause paralysis and limit motor function to participate in community-based and work activities, such as eating in workplace cafeterias, instrumental self-care in the community, socializing, independently retrieving work supplies and so forth. Specifically, Servicebot will be designed to perform the tasks of entrance and egress, retrieval, moving, and placing objects for use and consumption. Off-the-shelf parts will be used as much as possible to promote the affordability of Servicebot. Grant funds will help to support programmatic equipment and supplies. This grant is funded through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Award # 1U59DD000338).

Visit their website at: umaine.edu.orsp

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