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Quality of Life Grants: 1st Cycle 2011: Actively Achieving

Step It Up Recovery Center
Longwood, FL

This grant will help to support the Accessible Fitness Equipment Fund, and specifically will help to underwrite the purchase of a piece of exercise equipment (SCI-Fit Upper Body Ergometer) that will encourage fitness and improve the mobility of program clients. The SCI-Fit Upper Body Ergometer facilitates and promotes strength, coordination and endurance as clients participate in activity-based exercise program, and provides cardiovascular exercise while encouraging proper posture, increased muscular endurance for improved daily wheelchair maneuvering, increased overall circulation and optimal health. For manual wheelchair users, the SCI-Fit Upper Body Ergometer helps to prevent shoulder and rotator cuff injuries by developing coordinated whole-body strength and moving the upper body through a full range of motion instead of the limited range used to propel a wheelchair. Grant funds will underwrite the purchase of programmatic equipment. This grant is funded through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Award # 1U59DD000338.)

Visit their website at www.stepituprecovery.org.

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