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 What's Online About Christopher and Dana Reeve

Christopher Reeve interviews (video and written)

  • Reader's Digest interview with Christopher Reeve  - An interview between Reader's Digest and Christopher Reeve, which was done shortly before his death. During the interview, Reeve talks about his personal struggles, his fight to remain hopeful and his frustration with the then-current administration's opposition to stem cell research.
  • Christopher Reeve's Trip to Israel - This links shows footage of Reeve's 2003 trip to Israel; a trip that he took in order to find new advances for the treatment of paralysis.
  • Christopher Reeve on Larry King Pt. 1 - An interview, from 2003, of Christopher Reeve on Larry King Live. Here Reeve talks about his trip to Israel, where he traveled in order to find the latest advancements in paralysis treatment. 
  • Christopher Reeve on Larry King Pt.2 - Part two of an interview with Christopher Reeve, where he talks about his trip to Israel, which he took in order to find the latest advancements in paralysis treatment.  
  • Christopher and Dana Reeve interview with Larry King -This link features the transcript of a 2002 interview with Christopher and Dana Reeve on Larry King Live. The interview was done to promote Christopher Reeve's book, Nothing Is Impossible: Reflections on a New Life.
  • Interview with Charlie Rose - In this interview from 2002, Christopher Reeve discusses how he has manages to move once imobile parts of his body. He also discusses his new book, Nothing Is Impossible, which deals with different aspects of successful living and how he uses mental will to overcome adversity
  • CNN Retrospective on Superman - An interview, from 2001, with Dick Donner, Margot Kidder, Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve, where they reflect upon their memories of the Superman movies
  • Interview with Parade Magazine - An interview, from 1999, between Walter Anderson, editor of Parade Magazine, and Christopher Reeve.
  • Christopher Reeve on Letterman - Christopher Reeve's 1998 appearance on The David Letterman Show is featured in this link.
  • Still Me Interview - This link features a 1998 interview with Christopher Reeve. The interview focuses on the release of his book Still Me,  which chronicles Reeve's life before and after his accident.
  • Christopher Reeve's first public interview after his accident - A recording of Christopher Reeve's first interview, which he did only four months after his accident. Here he speaks about his accident, as well as what life has been like for him since becoming paralyzed. Dana Reeve is also featured in this interview
  • Christopher Reeve interview with This Morning - In this interview from the early 90's, Reeve talks about how he came to star in the Superman films, as well as his feelings about doing another Superman movie. He also talks about his role in the film Switching Channels.
  • Road to Avonlea interview - In this interview, from 1992, Christopher Reeve discusses his appearance on Road to Avonlea, as well as his career in general
  • Christopher Reeve interview for Amnesty International - In this clip, from 1988, Christopher Reeve gives an interview where he talks about why he supports Amnesty International.
  • Superman IV interview - In this clip, from 1987, Reeve talks about how he was involved, creatively, in the production of Superman IV.  
  • Christopher Reeve Superman interview with Jimmy Carter - In this interview, from 1987, Reeve talks about how the character of Superman has changed throughout the Superman films. He also talks about his feelings on acting in general.
  • Johnny Carson with Christopher Reeve - Christopher Reeve appears, on The Tonight Show, in this clip from 1979, where he discusses the release of the first Superman Movie. 


Videos of Christopher Reeve on tv

Christopher Reeve movies

  • Hope in Motion (2007) - A full-length viewing of the documentary Hope in Motion, which was directed by Reeve's son, Matthew ReeveThis documentary follows Christopher Reeve closely over many months and contains footage of his paralysis treatment, as well as his public campaigning for stem cell research.
  • Trailer for Hope in Motion (2007) - Trailer for Christopher Reeve's documentary, Hope in Motion.
  • The Brooke Ellison Story (2004) - The trailer for the Brooke Ellison Story; a film about a girl who became a quadriplegic as a child after a near-fatal neck injury. The movie follows Brooke Ellison as she fights to succeed in life with the assistance of her dedicated mother. This film was directed by Christopher Reeve.
  • Rear Window (1998) -Trailer for the 1998 remake of the film Rear Window; Christopher Reeve stars as a paralyzed architect who believes he is witness to a murder.
  • Village of the Damned (1995) - A trailer for Village of the Damned, a remake of the 1960 movie of the same name. Christopher Reeve and Kirstie Alley both star in this film where a small town's women give birth to alien children posing as humans.
  • Remains of the Day (1993) - The theatrical trailer for Remains of the Day, starring Anthony Hopkins and Christopher Reeve. In this flim, Anthony Hopkins stars as a butler who realizes too late how misplaced his loyalty has been; Reeve stars as the man who buys the home that Hopkins has spent his life working in.
  • Mortal Sins (1992) -  A clip from the film Mortal Sins, which stars Christopher Reeve and Roxann Dawson. In this film, Christopher Reeve plays a priest who becomes a suspect and a slueth when a serial killer confesses to him.
  • Superman IV Trailer (1987) - Trailer for Superman IV: The Quest for Peace; the last of the Superman movies, starring Christopher Reeve. 
  • Street Smart (1987) - Clip from Street Smart, where Christopher Reeve plays a journalist who lies when his fake story about a pimp mimics a real pimp up for muder.  
  • The Aviator (1985) - Clip from the film The Aviator, where Christopher Reeve plays a mail pilot who crash lands on a mountain full of hungry wolves.
  • Deathtrap Trailer (1982) - Theatrical trailer for the 1982 movie Deathtrap, starring Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve. In this film, a Broadway playwright plans to murder a student in order to take credit for a script that he wrote.
  • Deathtrap (1982) - This link features a clip from the movie Deathtrap; in this scene Michael Caine shows Christopher Reeve a pair of handcuffs once owned by Houdini.
  • Deathtrap Clip (1982) - The storm scene from the movie Deathtrap.
  • Somewhere in Time trailer (1980) - Trailer for the film Somewhere in Time, where Christopher Reeve plays a Chicago playwright who uses self-hypnosis to find the actress whose vintage portrait hangs in a grand hotel.  
  • Superman (1978) - Theatrical trailer for the first of the four Superman films.

Christopher Reeve commercials

  • Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation commercial - Tom Welling and Christopher Reeve star in this commercial promoting the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.
  • Olympics commercial -  Christopher Reeve appears in this commercial, from 2000, which promotes the Olympic games.
  • Superbowl commercial - Christopher Reeve appears in this commercial, from the 2000 Super bowl, which uses special effects to envision a future where Christopher Reeve is able to walk.
  • Talk to Your Kids commercial -   Christopher Reeve apears in this commercial, from the late 90's, which offers advice on how to talk to your kids about faith.

Video of Christopher Reeve as himself

  • Christopher Reeve's last public speech - A video of Christopher Reeve's last public speech, which he delivered in 2004, at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago's 50th Anniversary Dinner.  In this speech he talks about the progress that has been made in the treatment of paralysis over the past decade.
  • Christopher Reeve at the 68th Annual Academy Awards - This link features Christopher Reeve's speech at the 1996 Oscars, where he commends Hollywood for raising awareness on social issues through the medium of film.
  • National Democratic Convention address - Audio recording of Christopher Reeve's address to the 1996 Democratic National Convention about the importance of the American's with Disabilities Act.  

Videos about Christopher Reeve 

Written reviews of Christopher Reeve's work

  • The Brooke Ellison Story - A 2004 review of the film The Brooke Ellison Story, which was directed by Christopher Reeve.
  • Review of Courageous Steps - This article, from 2002, features a review of the film Courageous Steps; a film that documents a year in the life of Christopher Reeve as he works to overcome the injury that has left him paralyzed.
  • Review of Christopher Reeve's memoir - This article, from 2000, reviews two memoirs from two different authors: Christopher Reeve and Maxine Kumin. The two authors, who are both paralyzed, use their memoirs to recount their struggles while adapting to life with paralysis.
  • Review of Rear Window - This link contains the a review, from 1998, of the film Rear Window. This remake, based on the 1954 classic, stars Christopher Reeve as an architect who belives that he is witness to a murder.
  • Still Me Book Review - This link contains a review, from 1998, of the Christopher Reeve autobiography Still Me. This book details how Reeve dealt with the hardships that accompanied his injury and how he overcame them to become an advocate for paralysis-recovery research.
  • Into the Gloaming Review - This link features the 1997 review of the hour-long television drama Into the Gloaming; a short film which marks the directorial debut of Christopher Reeve.
  • Review of The Rover - This article, from 1987, discusses the revival of The Rover. The Rover,  a 1677 Restoration comedy by Aphra Behn, was performed at the Williamstown Theater Festival and featured Christopher Reeve in a leading role.

Christopher Reeve and politics

  • Christopher Reeve and John Kerry - In the aftermath of Reeve’s death, this 2004 article writes about the influence Reeve's condition had over the presidential race between George Bush and John Kerry.
  • Christopher Reeve and stem cell controvery - This article, from 2002, talks about Christopher Reeve’s effect on the debate over stem-cell research. 
  • Christopher Reeve on stem cell research - In this article, from 2001, Christopher Reeve extols the benefits of embryonic stem-cell research and responds to comments from people who are against it.
  • Reeve backs spinal cord registry - The article, from 1998, covers how Christopher Reeve backed legislation to create a national registry of brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Christopher Reeve on health care reform - This article, from 1996, discusses Reeve’s life after his accident. The article talks about Reeve's desire to walk again as well as the lobbying he has done to promote insurance reform on Capitol Hill.
  • Reeve at the Democratic National Convention - This article mentions Reeve’s scheduled speech in front of the 1996 Democratic National Convention.
  • Reeve's call for a cure - This article, from 1996, talks about Reeve's desire to reform healthcare in order to get improved medical care for those who suffer from paralysis. Reeve also talks about how he hopes to find a cure for the many other people in the world suffering from paralysis.

Articles on Reeve's life with paralysis

  • Experimental surgery aims to allow Reeve to breathe on his own - This article, from 2003, recounts the experimental surgery that allowed Christopher Reeve to breathe on his own without the use of a respirator. Reeve was only the third person then to ever have had the surgery; it was performed by placing electrodes into his diaphragm, which allowed him to breathe normally.
  • Exercising towards repair of the spinal cord - In light of then-recent triumphs in movement on the part of Christopher Reeve, this 2002 article explores the boundaries of what experimental therapies can do for spinal cord patients.
  • Reeve regains some movement - This article looks into the kind of therapy that Christopher Reeve used, in 2002, to treat his paralysis, as well as the progress he had made by using this therapy.
  • Yacht-racing benefit - Christopher Reeve's return to sailing, after his accident, is covered in this 1995 article; Reeve returned to the water through a charity sailing event, The Wall Street Challenge Cup
  • Superman back before public - This 1995 article talks about Reeve's first public appearance after his accident at an event for the Creative Coalition, an organization that he was co-president of.
  • Reeve leaves Kessler Institute - This article discusses Reeve's departure from the Kessler Institute after rehabilitating there for six months after his accident.
  • Reeve's breathing and speech show improvement - This article, from 1995, discusses the improvements in Christopher Reeve's condition following his accident.
  • Reeve shows signs of movement - Following his accident, this 1995 article talks about some improvements in Christopher Reeve's condition; these improvements include Reeve's ability to move parts of his body below his neck.
  • Reeve undergoes surgery to allow head movement - This 1995 article talks about a surgery that Christopher Reeve underwent so that he could regain the ability to move his head.
  • Reeve regains feeling in his upper chest - This article, from 1995, focuses on improvements in Christopher Reeve's condition shortly after his accident, namely, the ability to feel sensation in his chest again.
  • Riding accident paralyzes Reeve - This article features a report that announces the 1995 injury that befell Christopher Reeve during a riding accident, as well as his resulting state of paralysis.
  • Reeve is dependant on respirator after accident - This 1995 article covers the accident that left Christopher Reeve paralyzed. It also reports upon the condition he was in after his accident, as well as the chances he had of recovering.   

Christopher Reeve and award's

  • Reeve recieves Lasker Public Service Award - This 2003 article documents how Christopher Reeve recieved the Lasker Public Service Award. This award was given in recognition of his position as an emblem of inspiration and strength for other disabled people. It also recognizes his efforts to promote medical research; not only for his condition, but for a host of other medical conditions as well.
  • Reeve recieves honorary degree from Pace - This article, from 1998, details how Christopher Reeve received an honorary doctorate from Pace University. The award was given in honor of the work that Reeve has done to help change the lives of other paralyzed people.
  • Reeve recieves honorary degree from Julliard - This 1997 article features a story about an honorary degree, awarded by Julliard, that Christopher Reeve recieved. It also covers key points in his acceptance speech, such as his advice to students to retain hope for their careers even as funding for the arts declines.

Links related to Reeve's professional work

The life and times of Christopher Reeve

  • New York Times Biography - This link contains a biography which details the life of Christopher Reeve and chronicles major events within it.
  • Yahoo biography - The Yahoo biography which chronicles Christopher Reeve's life as both an actor and an activist
  • Answers.com biography - This link features the Answers.com biography of Christopher Reeve.
  • Wikipedia entry - contains access to the Wikipedia page for Christopher Reeve.
  • Timeline - This link contains a timeline that features important milestones in Christopher Reeve's life.
  • Inspirational quotes from Christopher Reeve - Link provides access to a list of inspiration quotes, as spoken by Christopher Reeve.
  • Christopher Reeve as a role model - Website reviews important milestones in Reeve's life to show how he can be viewed as a role model.

Videos of and about Dana Reeve

  • Dana Reeve singing Now and Forever - Video, from 2006, of Dana Reeve singing Now and Forever at Madison Square Garden.
  • Dana Reeve's last interview -A recording of Dana Reeve’s last public interview which she did in 2006 with ABC news. Here Dana talks about her cancer treatment, as well as how her life changed after her diagnosis.
  • Dana Reeve passes away at 44 - Video news report, from NBC, which announced the passing of Dana Reeve on March 6th, 2006.  
  • Dana Reeve on cancer treatment - A video, from 2005, of Dana Reeve, where she speaks out about her lung cancer treatment at an event to raise money for the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation.
  • Christopher and Dana Reeve interview - In this interview, from 1997, Christopher and Dana Reeve talk about how they have adapted to life after Christopher's accident. They also talk about how they struggle to deal with the insurance companies over Chris's medical care. 
  • Dana Reeve speaks at the University of Virginia Medical Center -A video, from 1995, of Dana Reeve, as she makes a statement at the University of Virginia Medical Center regarding her husband.  

The life and times of Dana Reeve

  • Dana Reeve Quotes - this website features inspirational quotes as spoken by Dana Reeve.
  • Yahoo biography - This link provides access to the Yahoo biography page of Dana Reeve.
  • USA Today timeline - A USA Today timeline marking prominent moments in the life of Dana Reeve.
  • Dana Reeve Wikipedia page -The Wikipedia page containing information on the life of Dana Reeve.
  • Dana Reeve interview with Ability Magazine-This link provides a brief biography of Dana Reeve which details prominent moments in both her private and professional life. A portion of an interview with Ability magazine, about her role on the show Lifetime Live, is also given.
  • Dana Reeve passes away at 44 -This article announces the passing of Dana Reeve and reflects upon her many accomplishments.
  • Her power of positive thinking - In this article, from 2006, Dana Reeve’s positive attitude is remembered, especially in regards to how it helped both her husband and her friend’s son.
  • Dana Reeve's Oprah interview -In this interview, from 2005, Dana talks with Oprah about her husband's death. She also talks how their lives changed after he became paralyzed. Their son, Will Reeve, is also featured in the interview.
  • Dana Reeve's lung cancer diagnosis -In this article, from 2005, Dana Reeve’s announcement of her lung cancer diagnosis is reported.
  • Westchester at its best: fireside reading - This article, from 2005, includes several interviews with prominent Westchester residents about what books they are reading over the winter. Dana Reeve is featured one of the residents who are interviewed.
  • Dana Reeve's caregiver column -This link features written column entries, from 2000, by Dana Reeve for accesslife.com. Here, Dana shares the wisdom she has gathered over the past few years while caring for her husband and while adjusting to her new role as a caretaker.
  • Dana Reeve's role as a caretaker-In this interview, from 1998, with Today’s Caregiver magazine, Dana Reeve talks about her new role as a caregiver and how she handles the stress that accompanies that role. She also talks about how her views on life have changed since her husband’s accident and shares valuable information that she has learned from other caregivers.

Written reviews of Dana's professional work

  • The New Medicine on PBS - This article, from 2006, reviews the documentary The New Medicine, which features a voice-over by Dana Reeve during the opening credits.
  • Everyone's Hero review - This link contains a review, from 2006, of the film Everybody's Hero, which was directed by Christopher Reeve and features the voice of Dana Reeve.
  • Theater review: a tale of revived romance - This link featues a review, from 1999, of the musical adaptation of the play Enter the Guardsman, featuring Dana Reeve.
  • Dana Reeve play -This article, from 1998, writes about various plays that are being performed on Broadway, including one that stars Dana Reeve.
  • Dana Reeve's makes debut on Broadway - In this article, from 1998, Toss Shapera writes about Dana Reeve's first appearance on Broadway, in the play More to Love: A Big Fat Comedy.
  • Review for More to Love - This link, from 1998, contains a review of the play More to Love, which features Dana Reeve.
  • Theater review: Two Gentlemen of Verona - This article, from 1996, reviews the play Two Gentlemen of Verona, as well as Dana Reeve's performance within it.

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