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Research Funding

Since its earliest beginnings (1982), the Reeve Foundation has invested approximately $110 million in research labs around the world to develop effective treatments for acute and chronic spinal cord injury. Decisions about our research investments are made with input from independent panels of scientific and clinical advisers and our Board of Directors supports only research that is scientifically meritorious and highly relevant to repair of the damaged spinal cord.

Specifically this is how we have invested our total research dollars from 1982-2013:

  • $9.4M Neuroprotection
  • $40.9M Regeneration (axon growth, remyelination, inhibition)
  • $9.1M Cell transplantation (including stem cells)
  • $11.7M Rehabilitation
  • $7.2M Secondary complications (bowel, bladder, pain, spasticity, autonomic dysreflexia, etc.)
  • $30M Therapy delivery and clinical trials (Clinical Trials Network  NeuroRecovery Network, and Epidural Stimulation)

According to the Foundation's most recently published audit, 78.4% of monies raised were spent on programmatic services. Spinal cord research today is exciting and promising because of our programs: discovery and translational research and delivering effective, safe treatments to the clinic are all major players in our research portfolio.

Total Reeve Foundation Funding by Program Area, 1982 - 2013:

research funding

This pie chart shows how Reeve has distributed its money across research areas.

The table below details how much money has gone into each field since 1982.

Axon guidance, Synapse Formation and Neurotransmission


Secondary Complications


Growth Inhibition




New Tools for Spinal Cord Research


Promotion of Axon Growth and Remyelination




Cell transplantation - including stem cells


Therapy Delivery and Infrastructure


Grand Total


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