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Reeve Foundaiton NACTN

The mission of the North American Clinical Trials Network for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury is to bring promising therapies out of the laboratory and into clinical trials, in a manner that provides incontrovertible evidence of effectiveness and safety.

The North American group is collaborating with a similar network in Europe, and one  just now forming in Canada, to define the natural history of spinal cord injury and develop measures for assessing treatment success. It is hoped that these collaborations will provide the foundation for a global network that will speed therapeutic development and ensure that powerful new therapies will be made available to those in need.

NACTN works closely with the Reeve Foundation International Research Consortium on Spinal Cord Injury to ensure an ongoing dialogue between laboratory researchers and clinicians. Through workshops and other scientific meetings, Consortium scientists will have the opportunity to network with clinical specialists from across North America and Europe, facilitating educational exchanges and iterative discussions about the development of effective treatments for spinal cord injury.

Learn more about the Reeve Foundation's North American Clinical Trials Network for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury (NACTN).

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