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Meet Team Reeve Coach Mark Zenobia

Mark ZenobiaAn overweight smoker, Mark Zenobia, made a commitment in 1990 to stop smoking, and get back in shape. 

He started a diet, joined the gym, and began to lift, bike, swim ... you name it!  And then on a dare, his life would forever change. “Why don't you run a race?” asked a fellow gym member. Mark just laughed one of his boisterous laughs, and having never run a day in his life simply said, “I love a dare!”

And so with a whole 7 weeks of training under his belt Mark ran his first 5k in May of 1990. He finished in 26 minutes. That was it. That first race was all it took and Mark was addicted. Sixteen months later he ran his first marathon -- The ING New York City Marathon. 

“I wish I had someone to call when I ran my first marathon," Mark thought to himself. From that grew his new career.  And now our team does!  Mark Zenobia was brought on as Team Reeve coach in 2006.  He assists all Team Reeve athletes with their personal training as well as provides useful tips for their fundraising efforts. 

Mark is President of On Your Mark Productions based in Wilmington, N.C.  OYMP has produced over 400 athletic events since 1996 ranging from 5K's to 92 mile relays and 90 mile triathlons.  Bike tours, walkathons and golf tournaments are also events OYMP gets involved with.

Get Mark's top 6 training tips, right now!

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