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2004 Quality of Life Grant Recipients

2nd Cycle 2004 Quality of Life Grant Awards


Center for Independent Living in Central Florida
Winter Park, FL
This grant will support Barrier Busters, a program that helps to eliminate environmental barriers for people with paralysis by providing home modifications and related equipment repairs.

Living Independence for Everyone (LIFE)
Savannah, GA
This Quality of Life grant will support the Home Modification Project, which helps to build ramps, widen doorways, revamp bathrooms, and purchase adaptive equipment for individuals living with paralysis.

Yachad, Inc.
Washington, DC
This funding will support Ramp it Up!, Yachad’s innovative summer program for Jewish high school students in which they build ramps for individuals with paralysis and learn about the housing and other needs of low-income people with disabilities, as well as Jewish values and commitment to community service.


American Association of People with Disabilities
Washington, DC
This grant will support the Disability Vote Project, a national initiative that works towards full accessibility at our country’s polling places for all people with disabilities.

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers
Sacramento, CA
This Quality of Life grant will support the Disability Action Coalition’s Disability Capitol Action Day May 2005.  The vision for Disability Capitol Action Day is to bring people with all disabilities and their families and friends to the California Capitol after the May Budget Revision, to fight not just for our their own disability issues, but for each other.

South Carolina Independent Living Council
Columbia, SC
This funding will support the Statewide Advocacy Network (SWAN), a project designed to reach people with and without disabilities in the rural unserved/underserved counties of South Carolina to teach them about disability rights and how to advocate.

Special Needs Advocate for Parents
Los Angeles, CA
This Quality of Life Grant will support the Medical Insurance Empowerment Program, which provides one-on-one assistance to parents and caregivers to educate them on how to work positively and effectively with private medical insurance companies to maximize authorizations and reimbursements for medically necessary care required for children with special needs. 


Actors Guild of Parkersburg
Parkersburg, WV
This grant will help to fund the Stage Too Disability Awareness Event, a collaboration between the Actors Guild of Parkersburg’s Stage Too theatre company and West Virginia University at Parkersburg to offer a unique weekend of refreshing entertainment and enlightenment presenting two physically challenged comedians, Michael Aronin and Brett Leake.  Scheduled for March 26, 2005 at the West Virginia University at Parkersburg’s campus, events will include a comedy workshop, an evening of humor with a disability awareness message, and a post-performance question-and-answer forum with patrons. 

Center for Music by People with Disabilities
Missoula, MT
This Quality of Life grant will help to support this creative program that brings music learning and music making opportunities to people with disabilities.  The program also combines music making with other modalities such as body movement, storytelling, poetry and acoustic experiments.

Dancing Wheels
Cleveland, OH
This grant will help to enrich and expand the School of Dancing Wheels classes and summer programs, integrated curriculum programs for children and adults with disabilities, and the newest dance/therapy program for teens with disabilities.

Seneca Cayuga Counties Chapter NYSARC, Inc.
Waterloo, NY
This grant will help to support F.A.M.E.:  Fingerlakes Artists, Musicians and Entertainers, a project that promotes and develops the performing talents of adults with disabilities in a supportive and accessible environment.

That Uppity Theatre Company
St. Louis, MO
This Quality of Life grant will support The DisAbility Project, a touring ensemble comprising people with and without disabilities who are diverse in age, race, ethnicity, class, occupation, education, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, and performance experience.  The ensemble engages in conversation, writing, sound, movement and theatrical exercises to develop and perform original material about the culture of disability.

Tigertail Productions
Miami, FL
This grant will help to fund scholarships for disabled dancers in danceAble, a nationally significant dance project that provides access to dance as a performing art form, broadens the definition of dance and expands the understanding of who can create and perform, and provides opportunities for persons with disabilities in the community.

Vermont Council on the Arts
Montpelier, VT
This Quality of Life grant will support Making Your Art Come Alive to a Broader Population, a required workshop for individual artists and arts organizations that receive grants from the Vermont Arts Council.  The workshop combines accessibility awareness and audience development to create a dialogue between artists/arts organizations and people with disabilities to expand inclusion efforts in the presentation of visual and performing arts projects.

Victory Gardens Theater
Chicago, IL
This grant will help to support The Access Project, a comprehensive outreach program designed to involve people with disabilities in all aspects of theater, both on and off the stage. 

The Windmill Center
Corvallis, OR
This Quality of Life grant will support the Music For All program, which uses technology to include musicians with paralysis in inclusive music ensembles.  Specifically, the grant will help to fund the purchase of the Sound Beam 2, which employs sonar technology to enable people with physical limitations to compose, improvise, and play music by the interruption of ultrasonic waves in the air through minute gestures. 

Assistive Technology

Blythedale Children’s Hospital
Valhalla, NY 
This Quality of Life grant will support an Extended Occupational Therapy Program in the Assistive Technology Training Unit.  This program will teach patients to negotiate their home environment (i.e., use lights, television, stereo, alarm clock, and telephone) with the use of a switch or other access device, and to manipulate a computer for schoolwork.  It will also train parents and caregivers to maintain and troubleshoot technical problems.

Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation
Mountainside, NJ
This grant will help to fund the creation of a High Tech Classroom for Spinal Cord Patients.  The purpose of the project is to help spinal cord injured patients achieve success in school and home by helping them transition from the hospital setting to the school environment.  Specialized computer equipment and learning material will be purchased to create the high tech classroom.

Holly Community, Inc.
Salisbury, MD
This Quality of Life grant will help to support the Accessible Computer Recycling Program, in which volunteers (with and without disabilities) rework computers and computer parts donated from businesses and individuals into usable systems that are then placed on long-term loan to adults and children with various disabilities.

Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation
Stillwater, OK
This grant will help to establish an Assistive Technology Grant Program for Farmers with Disabilities.  The program will help people with disabilities who live and work on farms in Oklahoma who could not otherwise purchase or acquire the assistive technology they need to maximize their independence and access to the community.

Southwest Louisiana Independence Center
Lake Charles, LA
This Quality of Life grant will support Prioritized Assistive Technology, a program that helps people with disabilities to purchase assistive technology appropriate for the needs of each individual.  The current waiting list will be prioritized and equipment will be purchased to meet those needs.

The Spurwink Institute
New Gloucester, ME
This grant will support Improved Quality of Life through Assistive Technology, a project of the ALLTech division.  The project provides assistive technology, services and training to persons with spinal cord and neurologically-based disabilities who have run out of insurance or other funding sources.


Coronado, CA
This Quality of Life grant will fund the Camp WAMP Camper Sponsorship Program.  The grant will provide funding for 5 camperships for children with paralysis.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
Richmond, VA
This grant will help to fund the Children’s Garden—Universally Accessible for Children of All Ages at this non-profit public botanical garden.  Specifically, the grant will help to fund the Leafy Overlook and the Treehouse.  The Treehouse is being built by Forever Young Treehouses.

Pediatric Alternatives in Creative Therapy
Libertyville, IL
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund the purchase of a LiteGait Partial Weight Bearing Gait Therapy Device to be integrated into the pediatric therapy program.

Ranken Jordan - A Pediatric Specialty Hospital
St. Louis, MO
This Quality of Life grant will help to underwrite the purchase of an ERGYS2 Rehabilitation System, which uses computerized functional electrical stimulation (CFES) to allow people with little or no voluntary leg movement to actively pedal a stationary leg cycle ergometer.

Songs of Love Foundation
Forest Hills, NY
This grant will help to fund the composition, recording and production of 10 Songs of Love for paralyzed children.  The Songs of Love use the “medicine of music” to relieve stress and bring joy to chronically and terminally ill children and young adults.  Each Song of Love is individually created for a specific child, who will choose to receive either a CD or cassette version of the Song of Love and will receive a copy of the lyrics that will be composed from information received from the parents or child life specialists. 

Twin Lakes Camp
Lansing, MI
This Quality of Life grant will help to provide camperships for 5 children with paralysis for the 2005 camping season.  The grant will also help to support the renovation and upgrading of sleeping facilities for the children.


The Alan T Brown Foundation to Cure Paralysis
New York, NY
This Quality of Life grant will help to support the Outreach Program of The Alan T Brown Foundation to Cure Paralysis.  Some of the outreach services include hospital visits to newly injured individuals, telephone counseling on a full range of issues connected with adapting to life post-injury, linking individuals through the ATBF Peer Mentoring Program, and providing emotional support to family members.


Maryland Ravens
Baltimore, MD
This grant will support the Maryland Ravens Disability Awareness Project, which visits area agencies, schools and colleges to educate the general public of the needs, abilities and capabilities of people who are physically challenged.  The grant will fund the purchase of 2 new Quickie All Court wheelchairs.


Disability Assistance of Central Texas
Austin, TX
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund Long-Term Employment Supports for people with disabilities that have found employment through Disability Assistance of Central Texas.  Support is provided if something “goes wrong” at the worksite and the employer and employee cannot resolve the issue (e.g., a broken power wheelchair, breakdown in transportation, broken phonic voice used for communication, etc.).  The service saves jobs when employers are confronted with issues that may not be job-related.

Employment Horizons
Cedar Knolls, NJ
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund the ongoing position of a driver that transports 26 individuals with disabilities to the agency-based work center at Employment Horizons and to permanent and temporary community-based job sites, thus enabling them to be productive workers, earn a paycheck, feel proud of their accomplishments and strengthen the local economy by being consumers of goods and services.

Lift, Inc.
Warren, NJ
This grant will help to support Project PI—Portal to Independence.  Lift will hire an individual with paralysis to work part-time in a public relations and advocacy capacity.  The individual selected will promote the employment of men and women with disabilities, provide corporate and community awareness training, and advise applicants to the Lift program.

National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped
New York, NY
This Quality of Life grant will help to support efforts to increase awareness of the organization’s mission through increased outreach and admissions work.  The National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped, celebrating its 27th year, is committed to preparing artists with disabilities to qualify for and obtain work in the performing, baking and fine arts, and to demonstrate to the theatrical community and the theater-going public that disabled individuals are a valuable and talented resource.  The organization’s two campuses are located in SoHo in New York City and in Belfast, Maine.

Health Promotion

Adaptive Adventures
Evergreen, CO
This Health Promotion grant will help to support Adaptive Sports for Kids (ASK) sports and recreation programs for children with disabilities.  The programs feature a series of multi-sport camps, single-day clinics, and collaborative efforts to promote exercise, experiential learning, and socialization with peers.  Activities include adaptive cycling, hand-cycling, kayaking, wakeboarding, alpine skiing, and water-skiing.

Advancing Independence
Washington, DC
This grant will help to support Working for a Living, a research project that aims to learn from working people with disability what makes it possible for them to engage in competitive employment.  The information gleaned from this study will be used to inform policy makers on the challenges faced by people with disabilities seeking employment and how to reduce some of the barriers to employment.

All Heart Tornados
Pembroke, NC
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the All Heart Tornados Wheelchair Basketball Team, a member of the Carolina Wheelchair Basketball Conference, to enable them to participate in a full regular season schedule featuring away games across North and South Carolina and in the Division 3 National Tournament.  Specifically, this grant will help to underwrite entry fees for the 2004-2005 Basketball Season.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association, Keith Worthington Chapter
Prairie Village, KS
This grant will help to fund the Patient Service Program, which provides healthcare services, information and resources tailored to the individual needs of ALS patients, their families and caregivers across the states of Kansas, Nebraska, and Western and Southern Missouri.  The healthcare services, information and resources are provided at no cost by professional patient service coordinators through home visits and one-on-one personal contact.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association, South Texas Chapter
San Antonio, TX
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the ALS - South Texas Continuum of Care Program, structured as a four-fold program for patients with ALS that are currently with the Association or have been newly diagnosed.  Specifically, this grant will help to underwrite the cost of respite care for 15 families.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Fund of the Minnesota Medical Foundation
Minneapolis, MN
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the University of Minnesota ALS Program’s ALS Patient Support Group and Education.

Alta Bates Summit Foundation
Berkeley, CA
This grant will help the Breast Health Access for Women with Disabilities (BHAWD) program to create and distribute a curriculum-based instructional video to train mammography technologists and staff members of mammography facilities in the adaptive techniques and strategies for communicating with, positioning, and imaging women with disabilities.  The video will teach mammography technicians how to improve the mammography experience and how to reduce barriers that discourage women with disabilities from scheduling routine mammograms.  It will stress the importance of creative problem solving and emphasize a people-first attitude.

ASSIST! To Independence
Tuba City, AZ
This grant will help to fund the Native American Advocacy Group (NAAG), designed to provide financial support for organizing three spinal cord support groups across the Navajo Nation into one unified advocacy group.  This group will be responsible for working for systemic changes within each community and Tribal Government in the areas of housing, transportation, health care and trust fund services.

Aurora Medical Center of Washington County, Inc.
Hartford, WI
This Health Promotion grant will support the Aurora Medical Center of Hartford Ventilator Unit Quality of Life Project.  Specifically, this grant will help to underwrite the cost of transportation for recreational community outings.

Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX
This grant will help to support Health Promotion for Women Aging with Paralysis:  A Community Intervention Program.  An existing tested and proven two-session workshop developed by Baylor College of Medicine's Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD) will be modified to make it more specifically tailored to women with mobility limitations due to paralysis.  The program will then be offered to 100 women from the Houston area who are at least 45 years of age and who have mobility limitations due to paralysis.  The effectiveness of the intervention will be evaluated by examining changes over time in these women's health, health practices, and ability to engage in health promoting behaviors.

Boundless Playgrounds, Inc.
Bloomfield, CT 
This Health Promotion grant will help to support Education and Outreach initiatives to inform parents, community leaders and professionals (i.e., playground equipment vendors and manufacturers, park and recreation professionals, occupational and physical therapists, educators, community groups and aligned organizations) about the importance of barrier-free and developmentally advantageous play environments that provide children of all abilities the opportunity to experience independent, self-directed play necessary for developing life skills.

Brain Injury Association of Connecticut, Inc.
Rocky Hill, CT
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the Peer Mentoring Program.  The project will pair a "veteran" survivor of brain injury, or family member, with a partner who is experiencing challenges in adjustment after brain injury and could benefit from peer support.  Mentors will complete a training program prior to being matched with a partner and the partnership will receive support from a program coordinator as needed.

Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center
Breckenridge, CO
This grant will help to support a program that provides Scholarship Assistance for Adaptive Ski and Wilderness Program participants.

Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled
Brooklyn, NY
This Health Promotion grant will help to support A WISH Grows in Brooklyn—Advocacy for Wellness, Independence, and Self-Help Health Fair and Expo to promote healthy lifestyles and enhanced quality of life.  The event will feature vendors of products for special needs and free presentations by local grass-roots disability groups on their activities with information on health promotion.  There will be free workshops, educational films, and presentations for people with disabilities covering the lifespan.

Center for Neurological Diseases/Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center
Englewood, CO
This grant will help to support the King Adult Day Enrichment Program (KADEP).  The purpose of the program is to provide younger adults with an alternative to nursing home placement.  The daily program features over 75 exercise, recreation and social activities each week, and assistance with medical needs, including monitoring to prevent secondary medical problems.

Cerebral Palsy Services Center
Cincinnati, OH
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund a program called Bridging the Post-Rehabilitation Gap, which addresses the specific ongoing social, therapeutic and recreational needs of men with traumatic brain injury who are beyond 5 years post-rehabilitation.  This project will provide community-inclusive socialization opportunities while building memory and cognitive skills.

Challenge Center
La Mesa, CA
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund Challenge Center's Regys Leg-Cycling Therapy Program for complete spinal cord injury survivors who would not otherwise be able to afford the cost of the program.

Chicago Association for Research and Education in Science
Hines, IL
This Health Promotion grant will help to support a project that will create a brief (3-5 minute) multi-media tobacco cessation message targeted to people, specifically veterans, who have spinal cord injury or disease and smoke.  The message will be created using evidence-based findings on successful tobacco cessation strategies and input from persons with spinal cord injury or disease who are current and past tobacco users.  This media message will be designed for use in multiple settings including doctors’ offices, clinics, inpatient units, and community settings.
Childkind, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
This Health Promotion grant will help to support two Youth Enrichment Programs for medically fragile children in the foster care program.  Dreamcatchers for ages 8-12 will provide a safe environment for children to express the trauma they have experienced and to develop coping skills.  Encouraging Youth Adults for ages 14-21 will provide educational, cultural and life-skills activities to enhance participants’ development and prepare them to be active, productive citizens.

Children’s Hospital Boston
Boston, MA
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment Spina Bifida Transitions project, a longitudinal study of the experiences of adolescents and young adults paralyzed by spina bifida as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood and transfer from pediatric to adult medical care.

Community Resources for Independence
Santa Rosa, CA
This grant will help to support the C.R.I.-Christopher Reeve Spinal Cord Health and Wellness Project, which provides education, information and referrals, and activities that promote health, wellness, and fitness for persons with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities.  Programming includes an ongoing support group, a resource center of materials on health and wellness, a hands-on fitness program for persons with disabilities at one or more local fitness facilities, and assessment of other local facilities for access to persons with disabilities for inclusion in a community directory. 

Disabled Sports USA
Rockville, MD
This Health Promotion grant will support a Rehabilitation Sports Initiative to Rehabilitate USA Soldiers Severely Disabled in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Through adaptive sports instruction, severely disabled soldiers will be able to learn to participate again in many of their favorite sport and recreational activities and will learn new ones as well.  They will also be referred to Disabled Sports USA chapters in their own communities for follow-up and ongoing sports and recreational pursuits, along with information about other rehabilitative resources, including employment opportunities.

Double H – Hole in the Woods Ranch, Inc.
Lake Luzerne, NY
This Health Promotion grant will help make the Aquatic Therapies and Watersports Program more accessible for children with physical disabilities.
Easter Seals Florida, Inc.
Winter Park, FL
This grant will help to fund the Easter Seals Camp Challenge Renovation Project to update and refurbish the facilities at this highly rated camp for people with disabilities. 

East Seals Wisconsin
Madison, WI
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the building of an Accessible Outdoor Climbing and Activity Structure located on the respite camp grounds that will annually provide over 500 children, teenagers and adults with severe and multiple disabilities access to stimulating and appropriate physical activity.

Families First of Southwest Florida
Fort Myers, FL
This grant will help to support Project Outreach, a project targeted to traditionally underserved families, including ethnic minorities, to provide them with services and supports, free of charge.  The five-county area served includes a large amount of rural farmland, with many migrant farm workers.  A Minority Outreach Coordinator will be hired who will work in collaboration with generic support programs that serve the minority population to identify children with disabilities that need support.

Far West Wheelchair Athletic Corporation
San Jose, CA
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the Far West Wheelchair Sports Transportation Scholarship Fund, which provides junior competitors, ages 5-21, with rides to regularly scheduled practices, airline tickets for competitions, and contracted transportation services utilized during competition events.

Florida Respite Coalition, Inc.
Winter Park, FL
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund Florida's Respite Care Locator, a free information and referral service to families and caregivers needing a break from the ongoing demands of providing care to loved ones living with paralysis, particularly spinal cord injury.  FRC will also seek to identify and recruit additional providers for these populations, in order to offer families and caregivers more respite options. And, FRC will offer and provide families and caregivers education on what to look for in choosing quality respite care programs.

Freedom Service Dogs, Inc.
Lakewood, CO
This Health Promotion grant will help support general operating funds for this service dog organization that rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to assist people with mobility impairments.  FSD provides these trained service dogs at no cost to the client, teaches the client to work with the dog and provides lifetime support for the team.  FSD educates the public about rights and etiquette for all types of assistance dogs.

Friends Health Connection
New Brunswick, NJ
This grant will help to support Using Art to Heal, a series of five unique expressive therapy workshops that bring the healing effects of art and music to spinal cord injured individuals in a healthcare setting.  Each workshop will be specially designed by leading instructors (in most cases, the Directors of Education) from major art and cultural institutions including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, The Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall, and Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Independent Living Resources, Inc.
Portland, OR
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the Tri-County Violence Against People with Disabilities Speakers Bureau that aims to increase awareness among disability service providers and people with disabilities and increase awareness among domestic violence agencies, protection service abuse investigators and community agencies about the nature of violence and sexual assault experienced by people with disabilities.  Specifically, the grant will help to underwrite stipends for volunteers and fees for American Sign Language and Spanish language interpreters.

Indian Trails Camp, Inc.
Grandville, MI
This Health Promotion grant will help to underwrite the cost of five full camperships in the 2005 camping season for children with paralysis.

Indiana State Council of the Emergency Nurses Association, Inc.
East Hillsdale, IN
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund Trauma Skills Training for Emergency Care Providers in Rural Areas of Indiana.  The grant will enable trauma skills instructors to travel to rural areas to bring international standards in patient handling for traumatic acute injury directly to rural facilities and to their practicing staff, who may not otherwise have the funding to obtain such specialized training off-site or even know that such training opportunities exist. 

Legal Clinic for the Disabled, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
This grant will help to fund an Anti-Violence Initiative for People with Disabilities.  The project provides legal representation to help people with physical disabilities break the cycle of violence and assist these people in legal matters subsequent to violence.  Particular emphasis will be placed upon domestic violence and abuse by non-family caregivers.  Subsequent work will focus on family law issues such as child custody and divorce.

Life Rolls On Foundation
San Diego, CA
This Health Promotion grant will help to underwrite production costs to create a video featuring Jesse Billauer presenting a motivational and injury prevention message to teenagers and young adults. 

Los Amigos Research and Education Institute, Inc.
Downey, CA
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund Positive Self-Image Life Coaching (PSI) for individuals with spinal cord injury.  Life Coaching provides peer mentoring while adding the benefits of clinical expertise and client-driven goal setting, with ongoing accountability and support in obtaining those goals.  PSI works with persons with spinal cord injury during various stages of adjustment to create the positive self-image necessary to envision and ultimately achieve personal success.

Mautner Project
Washington, DC
This Health Promotion grant will support the Lesbians and Paralysis Project, the first national lesbian paralysis clearinghouse and education center, that will provide information to include scientific and non-scientific articles on lesbians and paralysis to researchers, healthcare providers, policy makers and community members.  Specifically, the grant will help to support development of a web-page dedicated to paralysis and disabilities on the Mautner Project’s website. 

Piscataway, NJ
This Health Promotion grant will support an online magazine created by women in wheelchairs who had difficulty finding answers to their health, fashion, and other questions.  The objectives of mobileWOMEN.org are:  1.) to provide women with a broad range of resources in an accessible format; 2.) to increase the availability of experts in a variety of fields; and, 3.) to create an avenue for paralyzed women to exchange information and insights.

Moebius Syndrome Foundation
Pilot Grove, MO
This grant will help to underwrite the production of an educational video on Moebius Syndrome, defined as paralysis of any of the 12 cranial nerves in the brain stem, but most always the 6th and 7th, resulting in paralyzed faces, inability to blink, respiratory problems, eating and speech problems, and in some cases sight or hearing problems.  The video will provide information to families of people with Moebius Syndrome; educate physicians, therapists and teachers about Moebius Syndrome so that their patients/clients receive the best possible care; and provide education about Moebius Syndrome to the general public.

Montgomery Area Nontraditional Equestrians, Inc.
Pike Road, AL
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the "Field of Dreams" Sensory Integration Trail Project, which will feature activities designed to promote and enhance sensory learning while participants are engaged in therapeutic riding or carriage driving, and to allow family members to accompany their riders on the trail if desired to add an additional recreational dimension.

Muscular Dystrophy Association – Houston Gulf Coast Region
Houston, TX
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund Support Groups and Educational Programs for Patients with ALS.  The ALS Caregiver and ALS Support Group provide group meetings in a comfortable setting so that members can discuss issues, exchange information and benefit from speakers on relevant topics.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Blue Ridge Chapter
Charlottesville, VA
This Health Promotion grant will support CHANGES:  A Wellness Program and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Wellness Scholarship Program.  CHANGES is a six-week health and wellness program that enhances the quality of life of people with MS through education, skills training, exercise, and goal setting.  The Wellness Scholarships assist people with MS who would otherwise not be able to afford to participate in wellness programs.

National Organization on Disability
Washington, DC
This Health Promotion grant will support Religion and Disability, an interfaith effort urging local congregations, national faith groups and seminaries to identify and remove physical and attitudinal barriers to full participation by people with disabilities, and to engender welcome attitudes.

New Hanover County Extension Service Arboretum Foundation
Wilmington, NC
This grant will help to support the Spinal Cord Injury Gardening Club, which through twice weekly classes and additional outreach, helps clients with spinal cord injuries increase their ability to garden and in doing so, provides therapeutic support and education to caregivers, and promotes the visibility of the needs and capacities of clients.

O’Connor Foundation
Willow Springs, IL
This Health Promotion grant will help to support Physical Exercise Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury at Next Steps of the O’Connor Foundation, a state-of-the art fitness facility for people with spinal cord injury.  The program will provide low-cost exercise therapy to spinal cord injured clients who would not otherwise be able to afford to engage in cutting-edge therapies such as gait training and FES bike.  Transportation assistance will also be provided to clients that have difficulty getting to the Next Steps facility.

Opportunity Partners, Inc.
Minnetonka, MN
This grant will help to fund Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Metro Services, a program that provides essential support in areas of employment, community integration and independent living to people with traumatic brain injury, and assists clients in learning, or relearning, life skills.

Paralyzed Veterans of America – Florida
Fort Lauderdale, FL
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund Team PVAF, a project that promotes participation in wheelchair sports to improve the lives of paralyzed veterans and others to achieve maximum health, productivity, and self-esteem throughout their daily lives.  Team PVAF participates in the annual National Veterans Wheelchair Games, established in 1981.  One group of special focus will be newly arrived Iraq conflict veterans.  The grant will help to underwrite 5 Team PVAF scholarships at $1,500 each.

Partners for Youth with Disabilities, Inc.
Boston, MA
This grant will help to support Making Healthy Connections, a uniquely effective mentoring and skills-building program to motivate youth with disabilities, ages 14-22, to understand their healthcare needs, effectively use community resources to transition to adult health services, and sustain a healthy lifestyle.  The grant will help to fund the continuation of the MHC program in Boston and Springfield, to extend the replication of MHC to a new site in Lawrence, Massachusetts and to further replication efforts to additional areas across Massachusetts.

Platinum Pro Foundation
Fort Collins, CO
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund Cody's Great Scuba Adventure 2005, a collaborative effort between the Platinum Pro Foundation and the Cody Unser First Step Foundation.  This event teams able-bodied people with those dealing with spinal cord paralysis to learn a unique form of diving.  The event not only provides an exhilarating, often life-changing experience for participants, it also increases awareness and training of adaptive scuba within the dive industry and general public. 

Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
Detroit, MI
This Health Promotion grant will support Voices of Women with Disabilities – Peer Support and Counseling Program for Women with a Spinal Cord Injury.  The program will combine peer support in conjunction with health promotion and a fitness program for women with spinal cord injury, the majority of the whom are inner city, publicly insured African American women with violence-related spinal cord injury.

Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital and Care Network
Chicago, IL
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund Bridging Resources Through Peer-Mentor Support, which links all new patients with spinal cord injury receiving care at Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital with a peer-mentor in an attempt to facilitate positive community reintegration.  This project is specifically geared to meet the needs of African-American and Hispanic males who acquired a spinal cord injury as a result of violence.

Shriners Hospital for Children
Tampa, FL
This grant will help to support the 2005 National Junior Disability Championships, the national championship for physically disabled junior athletes, ages 6-21, in track and field, swimming, weight-lifting, archery, table tennis, boccia, and 3-on-3 basketball.  It is sanctioned by Wheelchair Sports USA, National Disability Sports Alliance, and Disabled Sports USA. 

Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
Slippery Rock, PA
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund Physical Activity, Wellness, and Sport Mentorship for Girls and Young Women with Spinal Cord Injury by Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation Scholars.  This project will utilize current CRPF Scholars who have spinal cord injuries and are enrolled in the Adapted Physical Activity Program at Slippery Rock University to serve as mentors to girls and young women with similar disabilities to encourage physical activity, wellness, and sport competition through a mentorship program within the new Center on Disability and Health.

ThinkFirst Foundation
Rolling Meadows, IL
This grant will help to fund a project entitled Empowering Young Adults with Traumatic Injuries to Build a National Network.  This model project will build an enduring network among young persons with life-altering injuries, Voices for Injury Prevention (VIP), who are affiliated with ThinkFirst Chapters throughout the U.S. and abroad.  Funding from this grant will launch the VIP Task Force, allowing them to accomplish their objectives and present the outcomes at the 2005 ThinkFirst annual conference.

Tides Center
San Francisco, CA
This grant will help to support Empowering Girls and Women through Wheelchair Repair, a program of Women Pushing Forward.  A project of the Tides Center, Women Pushing Forward’s mission is to enable women with disabilities around the world to increase wheeled mobility options for themselves and others through collaborations involving wheelchair training, mentoring and support.  With this grant, Women Pushing Forward will establish a basic wheelchair repair class for women and girls who use wheelchairs and live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This training will enable them to understand basic wheelchair repair and maintenance, thereby increasing their safety, confidence, independence, and access to a full life.  A forum will be created for intergenerational connection among female wheelchair riders, allowing the most experienced women to mentor and pass on life experience to the younger trainees, and ensure that they share information related to existing resources in the community for women and girls with disabilities.

U.S. Disabled Athletes Fund, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the 2005 National Disability Sports Conference, a four-day conference that provides a mix of formal presentations by leaders in the field of adaptive sports; hands-on training in selected sports; sports demonstrations, and informal exchange of ideas.  NDSC has become the largest educational gathering in the U.S. of persons dedicated to adaptive sports, including recreation professionals, educators, rehabilitation and healthcare professionals, coaches and university and graduate students.

United Cerebral Palsy Association of Michigan
Lansing, MI
This Health Promotion grant will support the Assistive Technology Center, and will help to underwrite the cost to contract with occupational therapists and speech therapists who conduct assessments of individuals with disabilities to determine which devices or software will increase their independence and ability to interact with their environment.

United States Adaptive Recreation Center
Big Bear Lake, CA
This grant will help to fund Winter and Summer Adaptive Recreation Lessons for people with spinal cord injuries or paralysis.

United States Olympic Committee
Colorado Springs, CO
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the Paralympic Academy Soldier Program, which offers introductory Paralympic sports clinics for disabled military personnel, including coaches and staff, in support of rehabilitating soldiers.  In these clinics, participants interact with Olympic and Paralympic athletes.  Recent war efforts such as Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom have dramatically increased the number of casualties admitted to Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital in Washington, DC--the first stateside stop for injured military personnel.  By introducing these recovering men and women to Paralymic sport and equipping them with the proper tools, the rehabilitation process for these soldiers--and their families--is substantial.  The opportunity for increased mobility and interaction through sport and sport clinics increases physical and mental health, improves self-esteem, and promotes a greater sense of self-worth, leading to a higher quality of life.

University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA
This Health Promotion grant will fund a Community Research Project Targeted Toward Understanding and Improving Sexual Dysfunctions Associated with Spinal Cord Injury.  The project is designed to gather more detailed information from the spinal cord injured population regarding sexual dysfunctions, and the study will be conducted in the form of survey questionnaires disseminated via the internet and postal mail.  The results will be quantified and presented to the basic science and clinical research communities with the aim of developing new research and eventual therapies targeting these issues, thereby improving the quality of life of individuals living with paralysis.

Well Spouse Foundation
Freehold, NJ
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the Well Spouse Foundation Outreach and Support Group Development Project:  Phase One.  This project will provide resources to increase the number of WSF peer-to-peer support groups and provide ongoing training to group leaders.

Wheelchair Sports USA, Inc.
Earlham, IA
This grant will support Expansion of Regional Competitions Through Identification of New Individuals, in which five regional competitions throughout the country will be expanded from two to four days.  Day one will introduce wheelchair sports to 50 new individuals with paralysis in each of the five regions for a total of 250 new individuals.  Day two will be a competition day, which is necessary to accommodate the increased numbers of participants as they compete in the sports.

The William Heiser Foundation for the Cure of Spinal Cord Injuries
North Wantagh, NY
This Health Promotion grant will help to support an ongoing Education and Awareness program that teaches children and adults at schools, civic and community groups about injury prevention and the importance of spinal cord research.

Independent Living

Brown County Indiana Habitat for Humanity
Nashville, IN
This Quality of Life grant will help to support the building of The Chandler House, a specially designed accessible home for the Chandler family.  Paul, the father, has quadriplegia; his daughter, Lilly, has cerebral palsy and is autistic; and JoEllen, the mother, is the primary caregiver for both her husband and daughter.  The people of Nashville, Indiana have rallied together to help build this accessible home which will enable the Chandler family to enjoy a better quality of life and participate more fully in their community.

Catskill Center for Independence
Oneonta, NY
This grant will support The Freedom Project, which will assist individuals with disabilities currently living in nursing facilities or in imminent danger of being placed into a nursing facility to live in a more independent, integrated setting within their communities.

Center for Independent Living of South Florida
Miami, FL
This Quality of Life grant will support the Community Living Project, which provides services to help disabled individuals currently residing in nursing homes to transition from institutions to living arrangements of their choice.  Specifically, the CRPF award will help to fund rent and security deposits. 

Heart of Central Texas Independent Living Center
Belton, TX
This grant will help to support Transition to Life in the Community, a project that enables individuals to increase their options in the transition from nursing facilities to more integrated community living, thereby promoting independence and increasing quality of life.

Roper St. Francis Foundation
Charleston, SC 
This Quality of Life grant will support Lifeline:  Emergency help.  Independent Living, an easy-to-use personal response service that ensures that people with disabilities living at home get quick assistance whenever needed—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This project focuses on low-income people with disabilities who are not eligible for Medicaid and do not qualify for Head and Spinal Cord Injury coverage of Lifeline services.

Practical Services

Canine Partners for Life
Cochranville, PA
This grant will help provide special harnesses, equipment and supplies for 5 Certified Service Dogs to be placed with physically disabled individuals. 

New Horizons Service Dogs
Orange City, FL
This Quality of Life grant will support the expansion of the dog training program; specifically, to cover the cost of the creation and printing of training manuals for basic, advanced and team training.

Power Paws Assistance Dogs
Scottsdale, AZ
This grant will support the expansion of a breeding program for assistance dogs, and will fund the purchase of one female Golden Retriever and the required health care for her before, during and after breeding. 

Sports and Recreation

Disabled Sports USA Far West
Citrus Heights, CA
This grant will help to fund the Year-Round Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program and will provide scholarships for 5 children with disabilities from low-income families to enable them to participate in summer and winter programs of adaptive sports and physical activities.

D.R.E.A.M. Adaptive Recreation
Whitefish, MT
This Quality of Life grant will fund training for volunteers in adaptive skiing methods and instruction.

Greater Long Island Wheelchair Athletic Club
Lindenhurst, NY
This Quality of Life grant will support the purchase of adaptive equipment needed for the youth Wheelchair Basketball team and will help to create a significant outreach effort to recruit new players.  This project has been designated as the recipient of the 2nd Cycle 2004 New York Rangers Quality of Life Grant.  The New York Rangers Quality of Life Grant was developed as a result of a six-year collaborative fundraising effort between the New York Rangers and CRPF.  The two organizations have held this long-standing relationship through SuperSkate, an annual celebrity hockey match where CRPF receives a portion of all proceeds.

Idaho State University
Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group (CW HOG)
This grant will fund Making the Impossible Possible with All-Terrain Wheelchairs in Adaptive Wilderness Programming.  Specifically, the grant will fund the purchase of 2 all-terrain Hippocampe wheelchairs and accessories.

Mammoth Adaptive Sports Foundation
Mammoth Lakes, CA
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra, which offers adaptive snow sports instruction to disabled individuals. 

Paralyzed Veterans of America - Michigan Chapter
Novi, MI
This Quality of Life Grant will help to fund the MPVA Sports and Recreation Program, and will support the purchase of adaptive sports equipment.

Sailability Greater Tampa Bay
Clearwater, FL
This grant will help to expand into surrounding communities this innovative program that provides sailing instruction and opportunities to sail to people with spinal cord injuries, including individuals who use ventilators.  The grant will help to underwrite the purchase of one dinghy. 

The University of Alabama Disability Sports
Tuscaloosa, AL
This Quality of Life grant will help to support The University of Alabama Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team. Specifically, the grant will help to fund the purchase of one basketball wheelchair and will help to underwrite the costs for The Crimson Tide to travel to the National Women's Wheelchair Basketball Tournament at Slippery Rock University in February 2005.

University of Arizona Foundation/DRC
Tucson, AZ
This grant will help to support the Adaptive Athletic Program Quad Rugby Team, and will help to fund the purchase of 2 sport wheelchairs.

Wheelin’ Sportsmen NWTF
Edgefield, SC
This Quality of Life grant will help to support Outdoor Therapeutic Recreation for individuals recovering from spinal cord injuries.  The grant will enable Wheelin’ Sportsmen NWTF to sponsor memberships for 200 spinal cord injured individuals identified through 5 spinal cord injury treatment/rehabilitation centers across the country.

Therapeutic Riding

Atlantic Riding Center for the Handicapped
Egg Harbor Township, NJ
This Quality of Life grant will help to underwrite the cost to upgrade the riding arena ground cover.  The new ground cover will be created with sand and ground rubber chips, and will generate less dust, provide better footing for the horses, and result in a smoother, less stressful ride for both the horses and the riders with disabilities.

Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding (STAR)
Lenoir City, TN
This grant will help to fund a Lesson Patron program, which will enable STAR to continue to provide cost-efficient therapeutic riding services to people with disabilities in East Tennessee.

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