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2005 Second Cycle Quality of Life Grants

Total Amount Granted: $581,034


Area Agency on Aging of South East Arkansas, Inc.
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
The Gateway from Inside Out
Grant Amount $2,500.00
Funding is to build ramps at a cost of around $800.00 each.

Eastside Family YMCA, a branch of YMCA of Greenville
Taylors, South Carolina
Eastside YMCA Easy Access Door System
Grant Amount $2,500.00
The branch will install an electric automatic door opening system for members and participants.

Illinois – Iowa Center for Independent Living
Rock Island, Illinois
Ramp and Home Modification Program
Grant Amount $2,700.00
Funding is to build home ramps for disabled persons of all ages in accordance with ADA guidelines.

Virginia Housing Development Authority in Collaboration with Community Housing Partners Corporation
Richmond, Virginia
Granting Freedom
Grant Amount $5,000.00
This program will provide housing modifications for military veterans with physical disabilities incurred during deployment.


National Council on Independent Living
Arlington, Virginia
Creating State & Local Models for Ending Institutional Bias
Grant Amount $11,000.00
This grant will produce a model and report regarding the quality of care in four states with the worst and best balance between funds for institutional care vs. home and community based services.

NTAF Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Program
Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
Strategic-Based Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Program Expansion
Grant Amount $5,000.00
Provide funding to build on program enhancements that will increase efficiency and effectiveness of services for SCI patients and grow relationships with SCI professionals.

State Independent Living Council
Boise, Idaho
Leadership Trainings
Grant Amount $10,000.00
Provide funding for leadership trainings, which will prepare people with disabilities to campaign for public office as well as to understand political structure and processes.


NYU Hospitals Center
New York, New York
In Focus Photography Project
Grant Amount $3,500.00
Through individual and group sessions, In Focus will teach the basics of digital photography and explore patients' emotional and social health through therapeutic dialogue with an art therapist.

Rainbow Repertory Company, Inc.
Canton, Ohio
"What's the Difference?"
Grant Amount $2,500.00
Funding will be used to support "What's the Difference?" a play which is performed by people with disabilities that will reveal the frustrations and pain caused by the treatment from those without visible disabilities.

VSA Arts of Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts
"JazzArtSigns Performance and Community Cultural Access Residency"
Grant Amount $3,000.00
Funds will be used to support the production of JazzArtSigns, which showcases performances by people with disabilities under the instruction of Lisa Thorson, an artist with a spinal cord injury.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii
Assistive Technology (AT) Depot
Grant Amount $5,000.00
This grant will help to purchase equipment to be loaned out to members of the community.


Association for Handicapped Recreation, Inc. DBA
Specialized Needs Recreation
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
"Camp Allstars"
Grant Amount $2,500.00
Funding will be utilized to help pay for camper fees.

Helping Hands for Children and Families, Inc.
Presque Isle, Maine
Bridges Summer Camp
Grant Amount $3,000.00
Funding would be used to fund camperships.

Tacoma, Washington
Wheelchairs for Kids
Grant Amount $5,000.00
This grant would be used to purchase a specialized children's wheelchair.

Ranken Jordan- A Pediatric Specialty Hospital
Maryland Heights, Missouri
"Day Treatment Program: Functional Electrical Stimulation Therapy and Ultrasound System"
Grant Amount $2,700.00
This grant will be used to purchase 2 multi-function FES systems.

Rotary Foundation of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
The Big Tree House Campaign
Grant Amount $5,000.00
Funding will be used to build an accessible tree house, the first in the state of Ohio.


Asociacion Trancisiones -- Transitions Association
Antigua, Florida
Independent Self Care, Leadership and Advocacy Improvement
Grant Amount $3,000.00
Funding will improve the quality of life through teaching members the methods and rationale of maintaining better health: sanitation, cleanliness, diet, exercise, skin care, proper seating, and health maintenance practices for those using braces, prosthetics, orthodontics, and wheelchairs.

BC Paraplegic Association
Vancouver, Canada
Education Outreach
Grant Amount $3,500.00
This program will provide information about SCI and the needs of people with SCI to healthcare professionals and consumers.

Incight Company
Portland, Oregon
Incight's Education Engagement Program
Grant Amount $3,000.00
This program will provide peer mentorship for youth with disabilities.


Association for Better Community Development Inc.
Canton, Ohio
ABCD Ticket to Work Employment and Training Program
Grant Amount $5,000.00
This program is designed to assist people with disabilities and to remove the obstacles for people who desire to reenter the employment market.

Jewish Vocational Service of MetroWest
East Orange, New Jersey
On-Site Vocational Assessment for High School Students and Adults Living with Paralysis
Grant Amount $2,500.00
This program will result in a significant enhancement of the school's and DVRS' capacity to transition viable vocational options and employment goals leading to competitive integrated employment.

Mobility Unlimited, Inc.
Medford, Oregon
Mobility to Employment
Grant Amount $2,500.00
Funding will provide assistive driving hand controls to physically disabled Oregonians, which allows them complete independence in transporting themselves to the workplace.

St. Charles School
Spokane, Washington
Paid Teacher's aide Position
Grant Amount $4,369.00
Funding will be used to pay for a preschool teachers-aide who is a wheelchair user.

Health Promotion

Access Northern California
Berkeley, CA
Access San Francisco
Grant Amount $5,000
Funding will be used to print the Access San Francisco travel guide, which will help facilitate a stress free travel experience for people with disabilities and their families.

Alan T. Brown Foundation to Cure Paralysis
New York, NY
ATBF Outreach Program
Grant Amount $5,000
Funding will be used to provide outreach and support to people with spinal cord injuries and their loved ones. Funds will be used to connect with people who are adapting to life post surgery, hospital visits to the newly injured, and providing emotional support for family members.

All Heart Tornados
Pembroke, NC
2005-2006 Basketball Season
Grant Amount $4,740
Funding is to support the All Heart Tornados wheelchair basketball team for the 2005-2006 basketball season.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association of Greater New York
New York, NY
The Home Visit Program
Grant Amount $5,000
Funding will be used towards the Home Visit Program, which will offer specialized care concerning issues of home safety, functional independence, wheelchair seating and positioning.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association of Greater Sacramento
Sacramento, CA
Patient Resource Expansion Project
Grant Amount $4,500
Funding will go towards support meetings and transportation for patients with ALS and their families/caregivers.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association of Orange County
Orange, CA
Respite Care
Grant Amount $5,000
Funding will be used to provide short-term respite to 5 family caregivers.

Boundless Playgrounds, Inc.
Bloomfield, CT
Education & Outreach Program
Grant Amount $10,000
Funding will be used to educate parents, community leaders, and professionals about the importance of providing a place where children with and without disabilities can play together and grow up understanding the tremendous value that diversity brings to their individual lives and society as a whole.

Cerebral Palsy of Colorado, Inc.
Denver, CO
Youth in Transitions
Grant Amount $10,000
Funding will be used to support the Youth in Transitions program to provide youth with disability resources and support needed to enter higher education, training, and employment.

Chapel Hill Training Outreach Project, Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC
National Respite Coalition's Promotion of Lifespan Respite Systems
Grant Amount $10,000
Funding will be used to educate the public about the importance of caregiver respite through developing and disseminating new materials and coordinating the work of the task force.

Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association
Chattanooga, TN
Project Aware
Grant Amount $4,925
Funding will go towards presentations of "Kids on the Block", a puppet show that creates awareness of how to prevent traumatic brain injury, as well as an understanding of the effects of brain injury and how to interact appropriately with survivors.

Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH
Go Forward- Fitness for All
Grant Amount $9,735
This Health Promotion grant will fund a pilot program focusing on fitness for people with spina bifida using a train-the-trainer model, local fitness centers, and programs teaching how to make accommodations.

Community Resources for Independence
Santa Rosa, CA
CRI/Christopher Reeve Health and Wellness Project
Grant Amount $7,500
Funding will be used to create a Disabled Fitness Program, which will help facilitate more opportunities for fitness for the disabled population in this area and would complement an already existing Adaptive Physical Education program.

Community Services Council
Salt Lake City, UT
The Ability Bank
Grant Amount $5,000
Funding will be used to support transitional housing for people in wheelchairs in South Salt Lake, Utah.

Community Young Men's Christian Association of Rock Hill, SC
Chester, SC
Water Renew Project
Grant Amount $5,000
Funding will be used towards fees for clients in the water therapy program who are referred by the Rehab Department of the Chester Regional Medical Center.

Crotched Mountain Foundation
Greenfield, NH
Crotched Mountain Dance Company
Grant Amount $5,000
Funding will be used to provide tuition support and related expenses for the Crotched Mountain Dance Company.

Dine Bii Association for Disabled Citizens, Inc.
Tuba City, AZ
Navajo Hogan for Traditional Healing Ceremonies for the Mentally and Physically Disabled Persons
Grant Amount $24,140
Funding will be used to build a Hogan in Arizona to provide traditional healing ceremonies for the Dine Bii Association clients, their families and community members.

Easter Seals Connecticut, Inc.
Norwich, CT
Driver Assessment Program
Grant Amount $12,500
Funding will be used to conduct driver assessments to provide drivers with disabilities the vehicle prescription services needed in order to begin or continue to drive, therefore maintaining or increasing independence.

Family YMCA of Black Hawk County
Waterloo, IA
Together We Play: Collaborative Community Inclusion program
Grant Amount $5,000
Funding will be used to support a collaborative community inclusion program that will ensure that children and youth with disabilities are included in community recreation and leisure programs with their peers.

Fishing Has No Boundaries, Inc.
Hayward, WI
Chapter Expansion
Grant Amount $5,000
Funding will be used to provide recreational fishing events for individuals with disabilities and provide relief and support for caregivers.

Freedom House for People with Disabilities, Inc.
New York, NY
Freedom House Start-up
Grant Amount $5,000
Funding will be used to develop Freedom House, the first completely accessible domestic violence emergency shelter for victims with disabilities and their children. The primary focus of the program is domestic violence residential services for mobility and sensory impaired individuals.

Kansas University Endowment Association
Lawrence, KS
The Spinal Cord Injury Clinic at the University of Kansas Hospital
Grant Amount $10,000
Funding will be used towards subsidizing the patient's fees for physical therapy and occupational therapy sessions at the Spinal Cord Injury Clinic at the University of Kansas Hospital.

MacPhail Center for Music
Minneapolis, MN
Music for Courage
Grant Amount $4,750
Funding will be used towards group music therapy sessions for people with disabilities.

Memorial Children's Hospital
Houston, TX
Long-Term Follow-Up for Chiari Associated Spine Surgery
Grant Amount $12,500
Funding will be used to monitor children with Chiari Malformation for a period of 5 years to assess how well they respond to various treatments including surgical and non-surgical approaches.

Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Project Corporation
Carmel, CA
House Calls
Grant Amount $4,000
Funding will be used to make home visits to patients with MS to assess quality of life over time by setting short term and long-term treatment goals.

National Family Caregivers Association
Kensington, MD
Caregiver Community Action Network (CCAN)
Grant Amount $10,000
Funding will be used to increase the number of volunteers working to support family caregivers, which will provide them with training and tools to help them be successful in their roles as advocates for their loved ones in health care settings and within their communities.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Eastern NC Chapter
Raleigh, NC
Helping Others Live Independently
Grant Amount $7,500
Funding to be used towards providing home modifications, vehicle modifications, short- term counseling, or crisis intervention to those living with MS.

New Jersey Jaguars NJWAA, Inc.
West Orange, NJ
2005-2006 NJ Wheelchair Basketball Season
Grant Amount $5,000
Funding will be used to support the New Jersey Jaguars wheelchair basketball team, which is committed to developing sport programs for adolescents who have physical disabilities.

New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
Albuquerque, NM
Equal Justice: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Training
Grant Amount $12,000
Funding will be used to create a training video, which will train sexual assault nurse examiners and rape crisis providers to effectively and compassionately conduct comprehensive sexual assault medical and forensic evaluations for individuals with paralysis and other physical disabilities.

Redmond, WA
Northwest SCI Quality of Life
Grant Amount $5,000
Funding will go towards exercise therapy for individuals with spinal cord injury. Clients are expected to experience increases in muscle mass, strength, endurance, and sensation.

North Jersey Navigators, Inc.
Bayonne, NJ
2006 Jr. National Wheelchair Championship Games
Grant Amount $5,000
This Health Promotion grant will be used to support athletes with disabilities to train, participate, and excel in sports.

Orlando Regional Visiting Nurse Association
Orlando, FL
Respite Care Program
Grant Amount $7,500
Funding will provide support services for caregivers of spinal cord injury clients to prevent burnout. A blend of respite care and spiritual support will strengthen the caregiver and provide a means to cope with ongoing demands.

Partners for Youth with Disabilities, Inc.
Boston, MA
Making Healthy Connections
Grant Amount $25,000
Funding will be used to expand "Making Healthy Connections", a uniquely effective mentoring and skill-building program to motivate youth with disabilities (ages 14-22) to understand their healthcare needs, effectively use community resources to transition to adult health services, and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Pennsylvania Elks Major Projects, Inc.
Washington, PA
Pennsylvania Elks Home Service Program
Grant Amount $4,000
Funding will go towards publication and distribution of an informational booklet for the Home Service Program. The program provides services for people with disabilities in their home, school, and workplace to maximize independence and enhances the quality of life for both people with disabilities and their families.

Post-Polio Health International
Saint Louis, MO
Surviving Emergency Care: Guidance for Ventilator Users and Their Health Professionals
Grant Amount $20,000
Funding will develop consensus guidelines for safe and beneficial interventions in emergency situations for individuals who use home mechanical ventilation.

Regents of the University of California at Irvine
Irvine, CA
Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Prevention Program for At-Risk Teens: A Means for Work Reintegration for Individuals With SCI
Grant Amount $11,250
Funding will be used towards preventing violence related spinal cord injuries in at-risk teenage populations by educating them about the consequences of spinal cord injury, and providing them with conflict avoidance possibilities. This program will also work as a reintegration mechanism for individuals already living with spinal cord injury by having them go out to at-risk high schools and educating teenagers about spinal cord injury.

Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation
Princeton, NJ
Day at the Races
Grant Amount $10,000
Funding will be used to host people with spinal cord injuries at programs at various racetracks around the country in conjunction with the Indy Racing League schedule. This program will instill confidence, provide essential information and the opportunity to get to know others who can lend assistance and hope for the future.

Shepherd Center Foundation, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Shepherd Center Therapeutic Recreation Program
Grant Amount $10,000
Funding will be used to provide therapeutic recreation to newly injured individuals helping them learn about relevant issues regarding disability, such as how to return to recreational activities of interest using adaptive equipment and how to get around in the community using a wheelchair.

South Carolina Respite Coalition
Columbia, SC
Raising Awareness of Family Caregiver Needs in Faith Communities and Leading Families to Respite Resources
Grant Amount $12,550
Funding will be used to create respite for families by working within faith communities. This outreach is targeted towards faith-based leaders who are often the first outside of the immediate family to become aware that a person in their community has been injured, had a medical episode, or has been born with a disability.

South East Pennsylvania Area Health Education Center
West Chester, PA
Care of Technology Dependent Infants and Children in the Home: A Training Program for Nurses
Grant Amount $13,880
Funding will be used to recruit and train a number of pediatric home care nurses for technology-dependent infants and children while also addressing the critical shortage of pediatric home care nurses.

St. Paul Society
Islamabad, Pakistan
Care of Paralyzed People (COPP)
Grant Amount $8,800
Funding will be used towards a mobile clinic for people with paralysis in Pakistan.

Stroke Association of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
The Stroke Recovery Continuum (Stroke Recovery Program & Stroke Activity Programs)
Grant Amount $10,000
The Stroke Recovery Program is an intensive post-hospital rehabilitative and psychosocial program which will increase access to stroke-specific rehabilitation programs immediately after hospitalization. This program will provide information, skills, and resources necessary to reintegrate into society.

University of Montana Rural Institute; Center for Excellence in Disability Education, Research, and Service
Missoula, MT
Evaluation of the Accessibility of Fitness Facilities in Several Urban Areas in the State of Montana
Grant Amount $11,000
Funding will be used towards evaluation of accessibility in fitness facilities across Montana, which will in the future enable people with disabilities to have access to fitness facilities.

Think First Foundation
Rolling Meadows, IL
Transforming a Task Force to a Leadership Council to Build a Stronger Work Reentry Program for Young Adults with Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injuries
Grant Amount $15,680
Funding will go towards support for the newly created Voices for Injury Prevention (VIP) Task Force Leadership Council.

TIRR (The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research)
Houston, TX
Innovative Rehabilitation Solutions for Bowel and Bladder Management after Spinal Cord Injury: Unique Contributions of the Occupational and Physical Therapist
Grant Amount $12,500
Funding will be used to develop a high quality interactive seminar targeting occupational therapists and physical therapists in the management of bowel and bladder care for those with a spinal cord injury.

US Disabled Athletes Fund, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
2006 National Disability Sports Conference (NDSC)
Grant Amount $10,000
This Health Promotion grant will help support the "2006 National Disability Sports Conference (NDSC)." The conference will provide a formal presentation by leaders in the field of adaptive sports, hands-on training, sports demonstrations, and an informal exchange of ideas.

United Disabilities Services
Lancaster, PA
Interface Pressure Mapping in Central Pennsylvania
Grant Amount $8,990
Funding will bring an interface pressure mapping system to central and southern Pennsylvania, which will enable hundreds of clients who currently have no access to this diagnostic equipment to have a more comprehensive evaluation and treatment for their seating and positioning needs.

United Spinal Association
Jackson Heights, NY
Wheelchair Sports and Recreation Program
Grant Amount $10,000
Funding will be used for the Rangers sled hockey wheelchair sports and recreation program.

United States Quad Rugby Association
Kingston Springs, TN
USQRA Developmental Clinics and Grass Roots Promotional Effort
Grant Amount $6,000
Funding is for one wheelchair quad rugby clinic.

Independent Living

Disabled Citizens Alliance for Independence Incorporated
Viburnum, Missouri
Community Reintegration and Nursing Home Transition Program
Grant Amount $3,000.00
Funding will assist consumers/patients with transition and community reintegration options when emerging from hospitals and/or nursing facilities where rehabilitation has been given due to a severe injury.

Kenyan Paraplegic Organisation (KPO)
Community Reintegration for People Living with Spinal Cord Injuries (PLWSCI) in Kenya and East Africa
Grant Amount $3,790.00
This project will bring those with spinal cord injuries back to their natural homes through counseling, therapy, skills training, resettlement, and community reintegration.

LINC, Inc.
Belleville, Illinois
Independence for a Lifetime
Grant Amount $2,500.00
This program would use adaptive equipment to train persons with disabilities on how to live safely and independently.

Practical Services

Alternatives in Motion
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Alternatives in Motion
Grant Amount $5,000.00
This program delivers customized wheelchairs to those who are unable to purchase specialized wheelchairs.

Canine Partners for Life
Cochranville, Pennsylvania
Purchase harnesses, equipment, and supplies for five certified service dogs
Grant Amount $2,500.00
Service dogs will be equipped with special, custom-fitted harnesses with pouches to support individuals who are physically disabled.

Free Wheelchair Mission
Costa Mesa, California
Free Wheelchair Mission
Grant Amount $5,000.00
Funding will allow for basic wheelchairs to be sent to India, to provide mobility to those who cannot afford wheelchairs.

Harry Gregg Foundation
Greenfield, New Hampshire
New Hampshire Paralysis Resource Fund
Grant Amount $5,000.00
The Harry Gregg Foundation will match the funds received from CRF on a 2:1 basis to grant people with paralysis and other physical disabilities for equipment, education, home improvements, and other items to improve their lives.

Modest Needs Foundation
New York, New York
Hurricane Katrina Quality of Life Grants
Grant Amount $5,000.00
Funding will allow Modest Needs to offer small grants (up to $1,000.00) designated to replace damaged or lost equipment or to provide for other short term emergency needs when such assistance is not readily available from other organizations addressing the Katrina disaster.

National Spinal Cord Injury Association- Greater Milwaukee Area Chapter
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
National Spinal Cord Injury Association- Great Milwaukee Area Chapter (NSCIA- GMAC)
Grant Amount $2,500.00
Funds will be used to purchase wheelchair cushions.

Sports and Recreation

Alegent Health Immanuel Rehabilitation Center
Omaha, Nebraska
Sports & Leisure Program
Grant Amount $1,600.00
This grant will further develop and expand the sport of curling to persons with disabilities of all ages throughout the Midwest region.

Disabled Sports USA
Telluride, Colorado
The Expand your Horizons! Ski Camp for Intermediate and Advanced Skiers with Disabilities
Grant Amount $3,025.00
Funding will be used to purchase adaptive skis.

Eels on Wheels Adaptive Scuba Club
Austin, Texas
"Out of the Chair, Into Life"
Grant Amount $3,000.00
Funding will be used to support scholarships for children and adults who are wheelchair users that want to become Open Water Certified but are unable to afford the cost.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York, New York
Life Challenge and Peer Mentoring: Phase II of the Do-It! SCI Program
Grant Amount $2,800.00
Funding will be used to provide daylong peer mentoring, as well as a sailing and jet skiing trip.

Payette Lakes Ski Club
McCall, Idaho
Awesome Program Expansion
Grant Amount $3,360.00
Funding will be used to purchase 4 canoes and 8 paddles to expand the summer activities for people with disabilities.

Therapeutic Riding

Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center
Columbia, Missouri
Sure Hands Lift System for Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center
Grant Amount $7,250.00
Funding would be used to purchase and install a body support lift system to assist in mounting clients who are non-weight bearing onto therapeutic riding horses.

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