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2006 Second Cycle Quality of Life Grants

2nd Cycle 2006 Quality of Life Grants

Categories: AccessibilityAdvocacyArtsAssistive TechnologyChildrenCounselingEducation, EmploymentHealth PromotionIndependent LivingSports and RecreationTherapeutic Riding


Arkansas Spinal Cord Foundation, Inc.
Little Rock, AR
This Quality of Life grant will help to assist individuals who are newly spinal cord injured by providing home modifications and ramps. An Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission Case Manager will provide a home evaluation for each individual, and then funding will be provided from the Arkansas Spinal Cord Foundation to assist in making the home as accessible as possible.

Help With Housing
Berryville, VA
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund an emergency accessibility program, which makes modifications to homes of low-income disabled persons who are unable to return home from the hospital or rehabilitation center until the modifications are completed. These modifications include installing wheelchair ramps and lifts, widening doorways, moving light switches and thermostat controls into accessible locations, and making kitchens and bathrooms usable through modifications such as accessible shower stalls and lowering counters.

Homescapes, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
This Quality of Life grant will support a project that will purchase and install portable shower units as part of home modification projects for four recently spinal cord injured, low-income individuals whose homes cannot accommodate a wheelchair accessible shower. The solution for these individuals is a portable shower unit that can be used virtually anywhere in the home that is close to a source of water. This allows the individual and his or her family member or caretaker to easily set up and use this shower unit and then store it until the next use.


Disability Law Center
Salt Lake City, UT
This Quality of Life grant will fund the Rural Utah Accessibility project, which seeks to increase access by people with disabilities to services, programs and facilities open to the public in rural Utah. The project focuses on medical facilities, courthouses, libraries, post offices and major businesses. The goal is to ensure that people with disabilities, especially those with mobility impairments, are able to fully access society.

Michigan Association of Centers for Independent Living
Haslett, MI
This Quality of Life grant will fund scholarships for two students to attend the seventh Michigan Youth Leadership Forum for students with disabilities. The week-long forum is run by the State of Michigan and Disability Network of Michigan. It was created for high schools students with disabilities and strives to educate, create mentoring opportunities, and inspire the next generation of disability leaders.


Infinity Dance Theater Company, Ltd.
New York, NY
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund a weekly wheelchair dance program for eight 8-10 year old children with spinal cord injuries to be held at the Princeton YWCA in Princeton, New Jersey. Dance instruction will be provided by Infinity Dance Theater's Artistic Director Kitty Lunn, an acclaimed professional dancer and choreographer who is a paraplegic due to a spinal cord injury.

Los Angeles Art Association
Los Angeles, CA
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund a one-week exhibition in August 2007 of artists challenged with paralysis and spinal cord injury at Los Angeles Art Association's prestigious Gallery 825.

Physically Handicapped Amateur Musical Actors League (PHAMALy)
Denver, CO
This Quality of Life grant will help PHAMALy -- unique in Denver's theater community because of its focus on producing professional quality live theater using performers with disabilities -- to produce Thornton Wilder's classic “Our Town” at the Aurora Fox Theatre premiering January 11, 2007 and running through February 11, 2007.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology of Ohio / OSURF
Worthington, OH
This Quality of Life grant will help to purchase the Quick Glance Head Pointing Technology for the Assistive Technology Device Library. The lending library consists of a wide range of assistive technology that allows people with disabilities to “try before they buy” to make sure that the technology is appropriate for them before spending money on technology that they cannot, will not, or do not want to use.

Craig Hospital
Englewood, CO
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund the High Tetra Project, a new initiative that improves services for patients that suffer the most severe spinal cord injury referred to as High Tetraplegia. Grant funds will help to upgrade and purchase new adaptive computer equipment that will improve the quality of life for these patients both during rehabilitation and when they return to their home community.

Shepherd Center Foundation
Atlanta, GA
This Quality of Life grant will help to support the Assistive Technology Center at Shepherd Center, which focuses on the development of the latest in diagnostic and demonstration equipment with the goal to enhance or restore a patient's ability to communicate, use home environmental controls and computers, drive, prepare meals and return to work or school. In addition to its many other notable achievements, the ATC singularly developed a hands-free iPOD system to allow patients to continue to use this personal entertainment system using the sip & puff technology.

Tetra Society of North America
Vancouver, BC
This Quality of Life grant will help to provide for the material expenses of creating volunteer-built, custom assistive devices for approximately 50 people with significant physical disabilities throughout North America. The Tetra Society's mission is to create greater independence and enhanced quality of life for people with significant disabilities by providing customized assistive devices that offer solutions not addressed by commercial products. Tetra matches requests for assistance from people with disabilities with skilled engineers and technicians who volunteer their time to work one-on-one with these individuals until safe, effective solutions are found.


Kennedy Krieger Institute
Baltimore, MD
This Quality of Life grant will help to underwrite the purchase of a GameCycle as an Exercise System for use in the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury's rehabilitation gym. The GameCycle will enable rehabilitation professionals to work with pediatric through young adult patients who have been paralyzed to integrate upper extremity ergometer training and video gaming to maximize participation and compliance with the following goals: improved trunk control; improved upper extremity function, including shoulder, elbow, and hand grip; improved cardiovascular health; improved cooperation; maximum therapeutic benefits; increased self-esteem; and psychological benefits.

Ranken Jordan - A Pediatric Specialty Hospital
Maryland Heights, MO
This Quality of Life grant will help to underwrite the purchase of an LTV Ventilator for special needs and technology-dependent children. The LTV Ventilator provides not only excellent ventilator support but also the mobility that patients need and deserve. The goal is to optimize ventilation, and when possible, liberation from mechanical ventilation, and provision of both invasive and non-invasive ventilation.

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Association
Plentywood, MT
This Quality of Life grant will help this small, rural Critical Access Hospital to fund the purchase of pediatric physical therapy equipment to be used with children who have spina bifida or cerebral palsy. The equipment will provide lower and upper extremity strengthening, provide mobility, increase socialization, heighten functioning activities and provide sensory motor activities.


Midlands Centre for Spinal Injuries
Owestry, Shropshire
United Kingdom
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund the “Development and Pilot of the Peer Sexual Counselor Role,” which will expand the existing role of the Peer Counselor (a fully-trained and paid counselor with 25 years of living with SCI) to include sexual, fertility and relationship counseling. After the required training, this expanded role will provide much needed balance to the current sexual rehabilitation service which focuses largely on physical mechanical difficulties.

Pari Independent Living Center, Inc.
Pawtucket, RI
This Quality of Life grant will support the Peer Counseling Training component of the Peer Counseling Program. PARI's Peer Counseling Program operates on the idea that persons with disabilities are uniquely qualified to assist other persons with disabilities. PARI's staff of six Peer Counselors draw on their own experiences to help consumers find ways to solve specific problems, concerns and needs; to understand their options; plan strategies to resolve issues of concern; and gain the self-confidence needed to overcome the barriers that inhibit independence. Pari will provide training so that 15-20 additional consumers can then help others; expanding the reach of the program.


British Columbia Paraplegic Association
Vancouver, BC
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund Education Outreach sessions to provide holistic education to persons living with spinal cord injury and their families and healthcare providers who work with them in communities throughout British Columbia and the Yukon. The goal is to provide not only the standard medical information with the aim of preventing secondary complications, but also to promote health and well being, stimulate continued learning, address individual concerns, and facilitate peer relationships.


Massachusetts Project With Industry, Inc.
Natick, MA
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund an employment program for individuals with spinal cord injuries. Specifically, the funds will support career materials and resources. This project is being created in partnership with Boston Medical Center to increase access to early job placement/employment intervention services for individuals with spinal cord injuries while they are in rehabilitation.

St. Charles School
Spokane, WA
This Quality of Life grant will enable St. Charles School to pay a minimum wage to Miss Amber Green, a teacher's aide who is a wheelchair user. The students, their parents, and the community benefit from a better understanding of people with disabilities, especially people who use wheelchairs, by their contact with Miss Green. A Quality of Life grant last year enabled St. Charles School to provide Miss Green with her first paycheck after 7 years of volunteer work, and it was presented before an assembly of the entire school. The event was covered by a local television news station and was the subject of a front page article in the Spokesman-Review.

Uganda Society of Hidden Talents Kampala, Uganda
This Quality of Life grant will help to support allowances for three peer trainers as part of a program that will provide formal education and skills training to people with paralysis-related disabilities and other disabilities to enable them work skillfully and earn income for self-reliance and sustenance.

World Institute on Disability
Oakland, CA
This Quality of Life grant will support “Proyecto Visión: Enhancing Quality of Life by Connecting Latino Jobseekers with Disabilities to Employment Opportunities.” Specifically, funds will support contractual webmaster and freelance writer positions for the Proyecto Visión website, including the bimonthly web-based electronic newsletter and listserv.

Health Promotion

Alan T Brown Foundation to Cure Paralysis
New York, NY
This Health Promotion grant will support an Outreach Program that functions as a resource and support system for spinal cord injured individuals and their loved ones. Specifically, the grant will fund the Peer Mentoring Program. This organization has an excellent track record of providing counseling to families of newly spinal cord injured individuals at the hospital bedside and plays a meaningful role in easing the transition from hospital to home.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association - DC, Maryland, Virginia Chapter
Rockville, MD
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund a program that provides augmentative communication solutions for persons with ALS. As ALS progresses, seventy-five percent of persons with ALS will experience an increasing difficulty in speaking due to weakness in the muscles of the tongue, throat and diaphragm. Grant funds will help to support the salary of the staff Assistive Technology Manager who is responsible for evaluating and designing augmentative communication solutions for all persons with ALS in this service region who have lost the ability to communicate with family, friends and health care workers.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association - Greater Sacramento Chapter
Sacramento, CA
This Health Promotion grant will help to support a patient services program, which provides assistance to patients with ALS and their caregivers. Some of the services include an Equipment Loan Closet, monthly patient support meetings, transportation assistance, nutritional counseling, a Resource Library, and Respite Care for patient caregivers.

Annie Sullivan Enterprises, Inc.
Lawrence, KS
This Health Promotion grant will support a project entitled "Improving Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Disabilities: Developing and Using a Supportive Entrepreneurial Training Package to Create Consumer-Owned Business in Peru." This project aims to increase self-employment and related outcomes for people with disabilities, with special attention to those people with paralysis (e.g., spina bifida, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, post polio, etc.). Specifically, the project will combine the expertise of both cultures, including self-employment techniques successfully utilized by people with disabilities in the United States, and informal employment practices utilized by many in the general population who participate in Peru's economy. This entrepreneurial training package will be developed so that it will have generality and be more likely to be replicated in other developing countries.

Arizona United Spinal Cord Injury Association
Phoenix, AZ
This Health Promotion grant will support educational and social recreation programs for people with spinal cord injury or disease in Arizona. Programs include consumer education conferences for people with spinal cord and head injuries, their caregivers and health care professionals; injury prevention and gang violence prevention education for at-risk youth; and wheelchair athletics, including basketball, Quad Rugby, softball, and other recreational activities.

Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics (APGO)
Crofton, MD
This Health Promotion grant will support a project entitled "Optimizing Health Care for Women with Disabilities through Education and Outreach," which strives to bridge the gaps in the health care delivery system for women with disabilities by developing and implementing a two-pronged virtual learning program focused on a comprehensive and holistic approach to the provision of care and services. The project's objective is to address the disparities in health care for women with disabilities by increasing the knowledge base, skills and sensitivity of the program's participants. In addition to the training component for health care professionals and health care educators, the project will focus on outreach efforts directly to women with disabilities, promoting self-advocacy, self-care, empowerment, education and linkage to local services. Grant funds will not be used for data collection or for testing.

Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP)
Berkeley, CA
This Health Promotion grant will help enable BORP to bring a delegation of 34 players, coaches and attendants to Indianapolis, Indiana for the United States Power Soccer National Championships in June 2007. Funding will support seven low-income BORP Power Soccer player's participation in the National Championship Tournament who would be unable to participate without financial assistance.

Baylor Research Institute
Dallas, TX
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation Spinal Cord Injury Peer Mentor Program, with the goals of having individuals with spinal cord injury who are currently successfully living in the community to meet and develop relationships with newly injured spinal cord patients. The mentors will provide support and information regarding injury, dysfunction and other related concerns. Grant funds will support mentor travel and supplies.

Brain Injury Association of Wyoming
Casper, WY
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund Support Group Leader Trainings. Wyoming is very rural, and the Support Group Leaders currently do not get to meet with their peers due to distance and travel costs. Quarterly Support Group Leader Trainings will include group leadership techniques, brain injury basics, resource location in local and statewide communities, problem solving and outreach methodologies. Grant funds will underwrite travel costs for 14 support leaders to attend 4 leader training sessions (an average of 450 miles round trip); and stipends for leaders to attend the trainings.

Camp Aldersgate
Little Rock, AR
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the 2007 Camp Aldersgate Kota Camp, which provides opportunities for children and youth of all abilities to come together and experience the benefits a traditional camp can offer. The sessions are open to children ages 6-18 with medical conditions, physical conditions, and developmental delays and their friends or siblings. Kota Camp activities, including adapted archery, an accessible ropes course, SCUBA diving, human-powered boating, and a nature study utilizing a fully-accessible tree house, are designed so children of all abilities can participate and succeed.

Challenge Alaska
Anchorage, AK
This Health Promotion grant will help to support a program to provide adaptive sports and therapeutic recreation opportunities for people with physical disabilities in Alaska. Challenge Alaska is collaborating with the United States Paralympic Academy, Blaze Sports America, Disabled Sports USA and the Anchorage School District to provide this program. Challenge Alaska uses a therapeutic recreation model which uses recreation as a modality of change in an individual's life. Participants complete an assessment, establish goals and devise an individual development plan to achieve their goals. Through the use of seasonal clinics and an ongoing afterschool program, participants will learn and participate in Paralympic sports.

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Wauwatosa, WI
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the Car Seat Fitting Clinic for Children with Special Needs. The clinic, designed to better serve the families of children with special health care needs, is staffed by experts specially trained to work one-on-one with parents to instruct them on proper restraint usage to assure safety and comfort of the children. This grant will enable the program to expand outreach into the community by training additional staff and offering this specialized training to families, health care providers and other organizations that work directly with this population.

Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation
Mountainside, NJ
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the integration of Family-Centered Care principles into the health care policies and practices across the continuum of care provided by Children's Specialized Hospital. Family-Centered Care is grounded in collaboration among patients, families and all Hospital personnel for the planning, delivery and evaluation of health care as well as in the education of health care workers. In placing the needs of the child and family at the center of all activities, the Family-Centered Program will: respect each child and his or her family as partners in care; honor diversity and its effect on the family's experience and perception of care; build on the strengths of each child and family even in difficult and challenging situations; support and facilitate choice for the child and family about approaches to care and support; provide formal and informal support for each child and family; collaborate with families at all levels of health care; empower children and families to discover their own strengths, build confidence, and make choices and decisions about their health through the creation of true partnerships with health care professionals; and work with local communities, schools and health officials to ensure that community services and support systems for children and their families are flexible, accessible, and comprehensive.

Compassionate Care ALS, Inc.
West Falmouth, MA
This Health Promotion grant will support the "Cultivating Compassion" Training Program for ALS and End of Life, which educates more than 300 individuals annually about the realities of living and dying with ALS and about providing sensitive, compassionate care for all involved in end-of-life issues. The audience includes persons with ALS, their families and caregivers, health care professionals, friends of ALS patients, and others in the community. The program comprises several different workshops, each tailored to specific audiences, topics and circumstances related to the ALS journey.

Disabled and Alone/Life Services for the Handicapped, Inc.
New York, NY
This Health Promotion grant will support expansion of the Life Services Program for the Lifetime Care of Persons with Disabilities, which addresses the compelling problem that faces parents of a child with a disability: "Who will be there for our disabled loved one when we are gone?" The primary objective of this project is to help these parents do sensible planning for and with their disabled sons or daughters, anticipating the time when the parents will no longer be here to help them. The outcomes of this planning are lifetime care programs (life plans) that will provide advocacy and oversight for persons with disabilities, thus securing their welfare and enhancing their quality of life.

Disabled Sports USA
Rockville, MD
This Health Promotion grant will help to support "Mentoring for Success," an education and health promotion training program for youth with disabilities. Disabled Sports USA will use a well-established adaptive sports and recreation program as a strategy for establishing a youth mentoring program between adults and youth with disabilities. Youth will be matched with special mentors from among those soldiers who became disabled fighting in the war in Iraq, the "Wounded Warriors." These soldier-mentors will work closely with Disabled Sports USA chapters and will be matched up with youth with disabilities in a variety of winter and summer sports. This mentoring program will build on a previous CRF grant that helped Disabled Sports USA staff train these Wounded Warriors in many adaptive sports programs and now enables them to give back to the community on their road to recovery as they transition from military to civilian life.

Double H Hole in the Woods Ranch, Inc.
Lake Luzerne, NY
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund Camp Inspiration, which is dedicated to ventilator-dependant children who do not qualify for traditional outdoor recreational educational activities. Funds will also support needed upgrades to the camp facility, including: handicap access ramps and rails for 2 cabins, trail clearing and widening, and 2 wheelchair ramps for access to horses.

Lions Camp Tatiyee, Inc.
Mesa, AZ
This Health Promotion grant will help to provide camperships for 15 campers with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury that will ensure that they can enjoy a camping experience among their peers that will create memories to last a lifetime while their caregivers enjoy a respite from the day-to-day care of their loved ones at no cost to the families. The camp is located in Lakeside, Arizona and is the only special needs camp in Arizona accredited by the American Camping Association. It is also a recognized health care facility.

Los Amigos Research and Education Institute, Inc.
Downey, CA
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the KnowBarriers Training Project, which is dedicated to providing Life Coaching and practical job training to instill self-confidence, provide a path to employment and improve quality of life for individuals with physical disabilities from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Life coaching is provided by individuals with spinal cord injuries who maintain full-time employment and are specially trained as Life Coaches working together with technical staff providing employment training and opportunities in machine and computer technologies. This approach provides a supportive environment for creating and achieving a vision of personal success, focusing on increasing self-confidence, developing valuable life skills leading to independence and integration into the community.

Meeting Street Center
East Providence, RI
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund Meeting Street Center's Aquatic Therapy Program, which will improve the functional, psychological, and social outlooks for children with paralysis and other physical disabilities associated with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, cerebral infarction, and/or other complications affecting mobility and independence. Grant funds will support training for the aquatic therapy trainer.

Rutgers University Foundation
Piscataway, NJ
This Health Promotion grant will support mobileWOMEN.org, an informational website for women in wheelchairs that features articles and resources pertaining to the following topics: health and wellness; beauty and fashion; reproductive health and pregnancy; parenting; financing; and insurance. There is also an interactive forum specifically for disabled women that allows participants to ask questions and share information with other disabled women, nurses, and knowledgeable people in fields of special interest. Other features include "Volunteers for a Study," "Practical and Holistic Strategies," and two columns that invite readers' input; "From Where I Sit" and "Simple Solutions for Everyday Annoyances."

Momentum Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland
This Health Promotion grant will help to support Scottish Spinal Injuries Outreach Service, which will provide dedicated, consistent outreach to spinal cord injured individuals once they return home after being discharged from the rehabilitation hospital. The use of computers and assistive technology will be incorporated with home visits to maximize staff and volunteer time to maintain communication, learning and employment prospects. The Outreach Service will promote independence and successful social inclusion for individuals returning to the community that is particularly crucial for those in rural regions of the country with limited access to transportation and other services.

Montville Parents of Exceptional Children, Inc.
Montville, NJ
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the introduction of the New Jersey Power Soccer Program in northern New Jersey. The game of Power Soccer is the first competitive team sport designed to specifically help individuals with varying disabilities who use power wheelchairs to play the game of soccer independently. Power Soccer is unique in that it uses thick plastic guards that are attached to protect the players' feet and wheelchairs. This plate allows the players to use their power wheelchairs to independently maneuver a modified 18" soccer ball along the length of a regulation basketball court toward their opponent's goal placed at the opposite end of the court. Power Soccer offers children in power chairs the freedom to play and achieve success independently, which improves self-esteem and full inclusion in their communities. It is also an inspiring sport where people from their communities can watch and learn how children with even severe physical challenges can be given the opportunity to play and participate in sports. Grant funds will be used for to underwrite the costs of start-up equipment, referee fees for games, and gymnasium facility space rental.

Multiple Sclerosis Community Services
Salinas, CA
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the Outreach project, which will identify and reach as many people with multiple sclerosis as possible through personal contact and referrals. These clients are generally between the ages of 30 and 50 and therefore do not qualify for senior programs or Medicare and County services, have inadequate insurance coverage, and remain unable to afford caregivers or domestic assistance. An Outreach Coordinator will work on a case-by-case basis, conducting home visits in an effort to improve clients' quality of life by enhancing safety, self-sufficiency, comfort, and providing information and resources. Grant funds will help to support program services.

National Decubitus Foundation (NDF)
Aurora, CO
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund a project that will disseminate the results of a study recently completed by the NDF and submitted for publication that analyzes the common elements among success stories from a number of hospitals that have made major strides toward the elimination of bedsores. The results will be brought to the attention of hospitals nationwide through in-person visits by NDF volunteers where possible, otherwise by mail with telephone follow-up. Hospitals will be informed that a survey will follow, with results to be posted on the NDF website, to determine their success or lack of success in implementing the successful approach.

National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA)
Kensington, MD
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the expansion of the Caregiver Community Action Network (CCAN), an all-volunteer peer support network for family caregivers across the country that is facilitated through NFCA's website. The expansion will be accomplished through the development of a library of Power Point presentations that members of the CCAN network can adapt for various audiences, provision of a series of teleconferences and Webinars to provide additional training, and enhancement and expansion of the newly formed Speakers Bureau.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Blue Ridge Chapter
Charlottesville, VA
This Health Promotion grant will help to provide Wellness Scholarships of up to $150 to 65 people with multiple sclerosis living in 51 counties in the western half of Virginia. The scholarships will reimburse participants for engaging in suitable wellness activities in their own communities which will improve their overall fitness, social interaction, and daily functioning. The Wellness Scholarships enable individuals to select the type of wellness activities best suited to their fitness needs, including: swimming and aquatic fitness, yoga, cardiovascular and weight bearing exercises, stretching, and strength training. With the approval of an occupational or physical therapist, other activities are also eligible, if there are health benefits to the individual.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
National Capital Chapter
Washington, DC
This Health Promotion Grant will help to fund the Transportation Program, which provides vouchers to cover the cost of transportation services to individuals and families living with multiple sclerosis who need help managing life with the disease. This consumer-centered program helps people affected by multiple sclerosis get to needed medical care, maintain independence, and stay connected to available Chapter programs and services.

NextSteps NW
Redmond, WA
This Health Promotion grant will provide people with paralysis with opportunities to utilize leading edge exercise rehabilitation therapy techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to exercise their paralyzed limbs. This allows clients to achieve improved muscle mass and muscle tone, stabilized bone loss, improved cardiovascular fitness, and to alleviate depression-all of which lead to a significantly improved quality of life. Grant funds will be used to help subsidize fees for clients who cannot afford to pay the full price for services.

Northwest Wheelchair Sports
Seattle, WA
This Health Promotion grant will help to increase the number of physically challenged athletes who participate in track and field and swimming and give them an opportunity to be a part of their school sports teams ad local swim programs, as well as bring awareness to local schools and sports programs of the inclusion needed for community support of physically disabled athletes. These athletes will train to complete at the National Junior Disability Championships held in Spokane, Washington in July 2007. Grant funds will help to support travel costs to bring the athletes to the Championships.

Brewster, NY
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the weekly Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Support Group called "R.E.A.C.H. - Rehabilitate. Enhance. Advocacy. Communicate. Health. (integration of intellect and emotion)." The 40-week program consists of four ten-week cycles that teach skills in the following areas: interpersonal relationships, communication, social isolation and dialectical behavioral therapy for the brain injured. Grant funds will help to serve approximately 24 persons with traumatic brain injury and their families who reside within the geographic region of Putnam County along with northern Westchester and southern Dutchess counties.

NYU Hospitals for Joint Diseases Initiative for Women with Disabilities
New York, NY
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the Initiative for Women with Disabilities Young Women's Program, an outgrowth of the Initiative for Women with Disabilities, to introduce girls with physical disabilities between the ages of 14 to 21 to concepts of health and wellness. The program will help young women to develop a better sense of themselves, as well as respect and honor their bodies via classes and workshops. This after school program is the only health and wellness program for girls with physical disabilities being offered in the tri-state area. The program will act as a bridge from adolescence into womanhood for girls with physical disabilities to promote a healthy life style.

Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC)
Dingmans Ferry, PA
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund "Naturally Healthy," a series of three workshops designed to train educators, youth and family advocates, tourism, service and recreation providers in northeast Pennsylvania to meet the inclusion, learning and recreation needs of local students, families and constituents through outdoor education and recreation programs. The Center also plans to deliver seasonal outdoor educational/recreational programs for children, families and individuals with special needs.

Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation
Princeton, NJ
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund "A Day at the Races," a program run in conjunction with the national IndyCar Racing League schedule, in which the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation connects with local trauma hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and other appropriate agencies to invite individuals who are recently spinal cord injured to "A Day at the Races" where they can interact with people who are living successfully with spinal cord injury. Participants hear motivational speakers, have opportunities to learn more about the transition from hospital to home and other important issues such as home care, family, transportation, and employment-all in the fun, exciting family-friendly venue of an IndyCar racing event.

Newport, RI
This Health Promotion grant will help to support Whole Life for Adults and Teen Life Therapy, which are second stage rehabilitation programs that use traditional and complementary therapies to focus specifically on increasing the ability of participants to live independently, make plans for their lives and achievements, and implement those plans. The programs act as a second phase in the therapeutic process that fills the gap between acute rehab and the "real-world." Participants are introduced or re-educated to adapted recreation activities, their rights and responsibilities regarding returning to work or school, and other life skills that may have been affected by the sustained injury.

Sharp Healthcare Foundation
San Diego, CA
This Health Promotion grant will help to support the Challenged Women's Support Initiative, a grassroots education and peer support program that provides volunteer and employment opportunities, education, support and health services for women with disabilities. The purpose of the Peer Support Advisor Program is to assist women with disabilities as they adjust and transition successfully into everyday life as productive members of society, and to support them in achieving their highest potential and quality of life, whether they are in an institution, home bound, or in the community. The trained Peer Support Advisor will, in turn, improve her own feelings of self-worth and satisfaction with life through the inherent aspects of her role as volunteer advisor by sharing her knowledge, developing relationships, and being a productive participant in society.

Tennessee Respite Coalition
Nashville, TN
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund a project called "Supporting Caregivers of those with Spinal Cord Injury." This project will provide support, education, information and referral for family caregivers of those with spinal cord injury through coordination and outreach. It will also provide Respite vouchers allowing the caregivers to take a break from the stress of the ongoing physical care they provide. There are few support services in Tennessee for families that have a loved one with a spinal cord injury.

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children
Dallas, TX
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the Successful Bridges Teen Program, which seeks to assist teens with spina bifida to build bridges to self-sufficiency and support families as their teens achieve developmental milestones. The Teen Clinic consists of patients' regular clinic visits to the Hospital; however, during these visits, the teens are responsible for providing their own medical history and information and learn how to effectively communicate with physicians, nurses, and other health care staff. Parents, in turn, must learn to give this responsibility to their children, who will transition to adult health care at age 18 years. Approximately ten youth ages 14 to 18 years are seen in Teen Clinic each week.

The ALS Association Greater New York Chapter
New York, NY
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the Home Visit Program, a service provided to people living with ALS who have impaired mobility access. The Home Visit Program offers specialized care concerning issues of health, home safety, functional independence, and wheelchair seating and positioning. Services are provided to ALS patients in the greater New York area and Northern New Jersey to ensure they are provided with the highest quality of support to maintain their activities of daily living in their own homes.

The Heuga Center
Edwards, CO
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the Heuga Center's 2007 CAN DO Programs for people facing the challenges of living with multiple sclerosis. Programs are planned for Vail, Colorado (May and October) and Minneapolis, Minnesota (August). The CAN DO Program is a five-day residential health education program that addresses all aspects of general health, physical fitness, diet, psychological well-being, and social interaction. Each program hosts 50 participants - 25 people with multiple sclerosis and 25 support partners and 45 multiple sclerosis care specialists.

The Steadward Centre for Personal and Physical Achievement
Edmonton, Alberta
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund a program of indoor Functional Electrical Stimulated Rowing, which will enable individuals who have spinal cord injuries to activate the large muscle groups by means of electrical stimulation and receive health benefits such as the prevention of muscle atrophy and loss of bone density, and in improved strength and endurance. FES exercise technology also has tremendous potential to advance the cardiovascular health of persons with spinal cord injury.

United Spinal Association
Jackson Heights, NY
This Health Promotion grant will help to fund the Wheelchair Sports and Recreation Program, which provides ongoing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to become familiar with adaptive sports. These rehabilitative activities introduce individuals back into society in settings that are supportive so they can build self-esteem, renew self-confidence, and develop camaraderie with fellow participants. The sports clinics provide opportunities for reward and gratification ways that non-athletic activities simply cannot. The events and excursions spur friendly competition, test personal skill sets, and urge individuals to improve their performance and, subsequently, their physical and emotional health.

University of Arizona Foundation
Disability Resource Center
Tucson, AZ
This Health Promotion grant will support the Adaptive Athletic Program Quad Rugby Team. The Quad Rugby team has grown to 16 players and placed 3rd nationally in Division II of the United States Quad Rugby Association. The Center is currently working with the Veterans Administration to recruit newly disabled vets from the Iraq War to participate in the program.

West County MS Center
St. Louis, MO
This Health Promotion grant will support "MS on the Move," a program which enhances transportation accommodations for patients with multiple sclerosis, including providing driving evaluations, auto modifications, and transportation to various appointments.

Independent Living

Cape Organization for Rights of the Disabled, Inc.
Hyannis, MA
This Quality of Life grant will help to support direct care and indirect care costs for the Community Outreach Project for services for people with disabilities to the Cape and Islands community. Focusing on people with spinal cord injuries and organizations serving people with spinal cord injuries, information will be provided on assistive technology, PCA services, and reasonable accommodations in housing and employment.

Living Independence for Everyone (LIFE), Inc.
Savannah, GA
This Quality of Life grant will support LIFE's Home Modification and Adaptive Equipment Program. Specifically, the funds will underwrite costs to build wheelchair ramps at the homes of four individuals with spinal cord injuries or other disabilities who have been on a waiting list for this support.

Practical Services

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital
Yankton, SD
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund "train the trainer" expenses for an occupational therapy program that teaches automobile driving skills to individuals with paralysis and other disabilities. This is especially important in the rural areas of South Dakota and Nebraska.

Canine Partners of the Rockies, Inc.
Denver, CO
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund the 16 months of highly-specialized training of a service dog that will be matched with a person with paralysis according to that person's needs. Once paired, the team receives up to 100 hours of customized training and continued monitoring and trouble shooting as needed for one year.

Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled, Inc.
Boston, MA
This Quality of Life grant will help to underwrite the cost for one year of the two years of training required to provide one monkey as a helper and companion to a severely disabled veteran returning from Iraq or Afghanistan with a spinal cord injury.

Jewish Family and Children's Service of Southern Arizona, Inc.
Tucson, AZ
This Quality of Life grant will help to underwrite the purchase of equipment for the Tucson Loan Chest, a specialized program of Jewish Family and Children's Service of Southern Arizona that provides an extensive variety of used durable medical equipment including wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds and nebulizers as well as bathroom safety equipment. The target population are low-income, uninsured and underinsured children and adults with disabilities who cannot obtain much needed medical equipment from other sources. The TLC operates by collecting used medical equipment from individuals from southern Arizona, and then refurbishing and sanitizing donations received to make them available for public use.

National Spinal Cord Injury Association - Iowa Chapter
Urbandale, IA
This Quality of Life grant will help to support efforts to assist people with spinal cord injuries living in rural communities in Iowa to become more independent and active, and through innovative programs and services, to increase their quality of life.

National Transplant Assistance Fund, Inc.
Radnor, PA
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund strategic expansion of the Spinal Cord Injury Program, including direct services, outreach and education. This project seeks to build upon the seven years of success of the NTAF Catastrophic Injury Program that will increase the number of SCI patients who can access community-based fundraising as a means to pay uninsured medical costs, thereby increasing their independence.

University of South Carolina Research Foundation
Columbia, SC
This Quality of Life grant will help to underwrite the cost to provide standers for seven adults with new spinal cord injuries as the basis of a study to determine if stander use reduces depressive symptoms and results in self-reported Quality of Life. A rehabilitation engineer with a spinal cord injury will make assessments of equipment needs following recommendation from the rehabilitation physician. Participants will record their use and evaluate the impact using Quality of Life measures after they have had the stander for six months.

VSA arts of Rhode Island
Pawtucket, RI
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund printing costs for the fifth edition of Accessible Rhode Island, which provides invaluable information about access to recreational and cultural sites throughout Rhode Island. The guide is also available on a regularly updated website located at www.AccessibleRhodeIsland.org.

Sports and Recreation

Able Flight, Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC
This Quality of Life Grant will help to fund the cost of one flight training scholarship for an individual with spinal cord injury for a three-week intensive training course at an accredited flight school. Training is done to FAA-mandated standards for the Sport Pilot certificate using a specially-equipped Sky Arrow 600 provided by the Hansen Air Group. Unique among Light Sport Aircraft, the Sky Arrow 600 is available with factory-equipped hand controls that can be removed in seconds as needed, offering great flexibility in training students with varying disabilities.

Able West, Inc.
Tuckerton, NJ
This Quality of Life grant will help to underwrite costs for the 7th Annual Richard West 5 Mile Wheelchair Race of Inclusion on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, from Harvey Cedars to Barnegat Light. The ending of the event is held at Barnegat Lighthouse State Park for lunch and an awards ceremony. Specifically, the funds will support the purchase of t-shirts, towels, certificates and flyers.

Challenged Sportsmen's Outfitters of Alabama
Ozark, AL
This Quality of Life grant will help to support the Outdoor Outing Scholarship Program. A scholarship completely covers the cost of a participant's outing, whether it is hunting, fishing, bird watching, ATV riding or outdoor photography in a facility that is completely accessible and furnished with the state-of-the-art adaptive equipment necessary to make the experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible for the participants and their families. Funds will cover the cost of 5 scholarships.

Delavan Lake Sailing School
Delavan, WI
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund an additional Flying Scot sailboat for the Peter J. Barrett Sailing Alliance Adaptive Sailing Program to be used in "learn to sail" activities for college students with disabilities.

Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra
Mammoth Lakes, CA
This Quality of Life grant will help provide funding for student scholarships for Mammoth Mono Ski Madness, a 3-day instructional camp in March 2007 for intermediate to advanced students with paraplegia that use sit-down ski equipment. The Mono Camp will be taught by coaches certified by Professional Ski Instructors of America and Disabled Ski Eastern Sierra Volunteer Instructors.

Kate Kimberly Foundation
Boulder, CO
This Quality of Life grant will help to support the Kate Kimberly Foundation Individual Grant Program, which provides financial assistance for the purchase of adaptive sports and recreation equipment or to cover adaptive athletic program costs/fees to qualified applicants. Funds will cover the Winter 2007 grant period.

Michigan Sports Unlimited, Inc.
Saginaw, MI
This Quality of Life grant will help to underwrite the purchase of an Equalizer 6000 Single Weight Stack Gym package designed specifically for wheelchair users at the Health and Fitness Center. The Center has wheelchair-friendly flooring and allows physically disabled individuals to test a wide range of adaptive and recreational equipment and activities available in the greater Detroit area and beyond.

Midwest Region Wheelchair Sports
Greenfield, MN
This Quality of Life grant will help to support travel and equipment for the Rolling Timberwolves wheelchair basketball team and for workshops and exhibitions that the team performs in the community.

Regents of the University of California Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
This Quality of Life grant will help support the UCLA Recreation Adaptive Recreation Program. Specifically, funds will help to underwrite the purchase of one TopEnd Handcycle XLT and 10 bicycle helmets.

Sports and Therapeutic Recreation Instruction Development/Evaluations, Inc. (STRIDE)
Rensselaer, NY
This Quality of Life grant will help to underwrite the purchase of one sit ski to enable individuals that use wheelchairs the opportunity to learn to ski. Through the use of adaptive ski equipment, STRIDE will teach, reintroduce or make skiing accessible to more individuals with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities.

The Diveheart Foundation
Downers Grove, IL
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund the costs of the rental of SCUBA diving equipment for children with disabilities participating in a Florida Keys SCUBA Diving Adventure Trip from the Rehabilitation Hospital of Chicago.

Therapeutic Riding

Ivy Hill Foundation, Inc.
Franconia, PA
This Quality of Life grant will help to underwrite the purchase of a specially designed and custom made wheelchair accessible carriage for the Ivy Hill Carriage Driving Program. This will enable Ivy Hill to offer equine-facilitated therapeutic activities to individuals physically unable to safely ride a horse; i.e., individuals with a spinal cord injury at a level above T6 and other individuals with limited use of limbs and/or severely compromised trunk control. The carriage will be designed to accommodate a seat for the instructor to sit alongside the participant, and therapeutic activities include recreational driving on outdoor trails, specific skills training in an arena, and/or competitions specifically designed for carriage drivers with disabilities.

North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, Inc. (NARHA)
Denver, CO
This Quality of Life Grant will help to support the production of The Parental and Professional Information Resource Guide, which will provide all of the information needed for an individual, parent or family to make important decisions for their family member with disabilities about which therapeutic riding program best suits their needs. The Guide will also be an important resource for the medical community on an international level to disseminate the correct information about therapeutic riding for all people with and without disabilities. NARHA is a membership organization which fosters safe, professional, ethical and therapeutic equine activities through education, communication, standards and research for people with and without disabilities. Currently more than 700 NARHA program centers serve some 35,000 individuals with disabilities.

Round-Up Hope
Temecula, CA
This Quality of Life grant will help to fund scholarships for students with disabilities at this NARHA Premier Accredited riding center, the only therapeutic riding center in the City of Temecula and surrounding areas.

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