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The Campaign to Cure Paralysis
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Today's Care. Tomorrow's Cure.

Today, 5,596,000 Americans are living with paralysis. Almost 1.3 million of those are spinal cord injured. These are the extraordinary finding of One Degree of Separation: Paralysis and Spinal Cord Injury in the United States, a national paralysis population survey commissioned by the Reeve Foundation. No one had any idea that the paralysis community is this large. This means nearly 1 in 50 of all Americans are living with paralysis -- 33% more than previous estimates.

The Campaign to Cure Paralysis brings forward thinking people like you together with the Reeve Foundation to raise the financial resources and provide the dogged determination to CURE PARALYSIS.

When our community—spinal cord injured people, caregivers, scientists, researchers, friends, and family—works together with a single purpose, common playbook, and unified message, we can change the way the world looks at paralysis. We don't have to accept—as though it is fact—that after a spinal cord injury you have lost mobility and function forever. We know this is not true. Scientists and researchers know this is not true.

Now, we need to provide the financial resources so that our gifted scientists and researchers can develop the treatments and therapies that will bring our cure.

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Campaign to Cure Paralysis

I hope you will do your part and join the Campaign to Cure Paralysis today!

bullet  Be Counted: Literally, place yourself on our map. Show the world how many people are affected by paralysis.
bullet  Donate to the Campaign: Make a simple donation.
bullet  Become a Monthly Donor: This allows us to plan ahead knowing that we have a reliable source of revenue.
bullet  Organize a Fundraising Event: Involve your school, friends, and family.

Together we can Cure Paralysis—Join the Campaign!

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