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Meet Chris Chappell from Our Peer & Family Support Program

Chris Chappell
Chris Chappell, Graduate Relations Coordinator for Craig Hospital near Denver, is Rocky Mountain regional coordinator for the Reeve Foundation Peer & Family Support Program.

I fall back on my 20 year career in investment banking. We are blessed with two ears and one mouth - always do twice as much listening as talking. I apply that same style to patients. I may ask open ended questions, who they are, what they are about, what their interests are, what their focus is, what they are upset about. But I spend a lot more time listening. They will lead you down the path of where they want to go. Then it's a matter of finding the ­resources for what they are interested in.

The key is to show these folks that the world is still a very wide open place. I keep them open-minded; the door to life is not shut. You just have to figure out which door you want to open, how you want to open it and where you want to go with it.

Probably 80 percent of those who are spinal cord injured never see a specialty hospital. They don’t know what the Reeve Foundation is, they never see a place like Craig or Shepherd, or TIRR; they may be in a stroke ward in the middle of Des Moines or somewhere -- wearing diapers when they leave the hospital. I ­encourage people to engage in the community, at the Reeve website, for example. Ask questions; don't be a hermit. Don't stop moving. What ever you define as movement, keep moving. Get on with life.

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