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Positive Attitude Pays Off

Rob at Reeve Foundation Community Fitness And Wellness Facility, Courage Center

Robert "Rob" Wudlick is an experienced outdoorsman whose passions include skiing, climbing, and rafting. Rob, age 27, was on a month-long rafting trip in April of 2011 down the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon, when he made a shallow dive off a raft while beached for lunch. Rob was caught by a current causing his head to impact on the river floor. Rob fractured his C4 and C5 vertebrae, crushing his spinal cord. After a stint at Craig Hospital, Rob returned home to Minnesota to the support of his loving family. Upon his arrival home, Rob began working towards recovery at the Courage Center in Minneapolis, MN.

Rob had his initial assessment with Courage Center's ABLE (Activity-Based Locomotor Exercise), a NeuroRecovery Network Community Fitness and Wellness Facility, on October 19, 2011. At that time Rob enrolled in locomotor training with one-hour of guided exercise, three-times-a-week. Rob's goal for the ABLE program was to return to the outdoor activities that he loves.

Over the past 4 months Rob has made many improvements within the ABLE program. His time in the program has been focused on strengthening his core musculature, as well as regaining control in his arms. When Rob started locomotor training on the body weight supported treadmill he had little control of his trunk and upper extremities requiring him to rely on an arm support system to help keep him upright during walking activities. Rob is no longer completely reliant on an arm support system during locomotor training. After two months of participation in his ABLE program, due to increased trunk and upper extremity strength and control, Rob can now keep his trunk upright and perform arm swing while walking with less than 40% of his body weight supported by the harness system. His core strength has greatly improved, while also gaining increased active range of motion in his upper extremities.

Rob recently received a scholarship to continue with ABLE at an increased intensity adding upper extremity FES and the RT-600 stepping FES. Rob's attitude and personality continues to uplift his family and the ABLE staff. Rob continues to make gains through hard work and his involvement in the ABLE program.

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