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Top Myths about People Living with Paralysis

Vote NowWe are hoping that the notoriety from this summer's shows like Push Girls and The Glee Project (featuring Ali Stroker), the movie The Intouchables, Eric LeGrand's ESPY, and the upcoming Paralympics (August 29th - September 9th) turns into awareness and understanding about the lives of people living with paralysis.

What people don't seem to get is what Dana Reeve reminded her husband -- "You are still you."

Help us expose the top myths the general public believes about people living with paralysis by taking our new poll.

Note: This poll is only for people living with paralysis. Please share it.

What is the # 1 myth you think the general public believes about people living with paralysis?
Not interested or can't have sex.
Number one wish is to walk.
Must not have any pain.
Unable to have a successful career/family/life.
Mind must not work either.
Only medical problem is the paralysis.
Always want help.
Have all expenses paid by the government.
Life must be so sad.

After you vote, continue the discussion! Head to our community.

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