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The best gifts I ever received
from my father, Christopher Reeve

Kenny Maestas and his son

Thanks to you, Kenny Maestas,
who is living with paralysis, can keep a positive attitude for his young son, Kristopher.

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The best gifts my father gave me were these two invaluable lessons:

  • Never give up
  • Never underestimate the difference you can make

I share them with you today in the hope that you will continue to make a difference through your generous support for the Reeve Foundation. Please make your special year-end gift online today.

I was just 15 years old when Dad was injured. His positive attitude really helped our family cope with the seismic effects that his paralysis had on all of us.

We carried on as usual. We went to movies and hockey games. We joyously celebrated the holidays together.

And while Dad "got on with his life," he completely rejected the conventional notion that he would never walk again.

He asked people to take the word “impossible” out of their vocabularies, and they did. Exciting things started to happen. Everyone started to look at spinal cord injury in a whole new light. He altered the perception of an entire generation of researchers.

But to make his dream of a cure a reality, he turned to kind-hearted people like you and asked them to help people with spinal cord injuries walk again.

Reeve, today I'm writing to you with the same request. Your generous year-end contribution will help to provide care and cures for brave men and women who are recovering from a spinal cord injury.

Major advances in science, technology, and medicine, are happening all the time in the realm of spinal cord injury research and care. The promise of 30 years of hard work by Reeve Foundation-supported scientists is now being fulfilled. Every day, people whose spinal cords were seemingly irreparably damaged are regaining function, leading to incredible improvements in their quality of life.

And as encouraging as these advances are, when it comes to understanding the spinal cord, we've just scratched the surface. That's why your support is so important. Every step forward gets us closer to cures, and we can't succeed without your help.

My Dad was put in a position he never wished for, yet he chose to do something about it rather than give up. He embraced his role as a spokesperson for individuals living with spinal cord injuries and helped the Reeve Foundation lead scientific research in a new direction.

Thanks to the support of friends like you, we have funded more than $100 million in cutting-edge research. Additionally, we've delivered nearly $16 million in Quality of Life grants to help individuals with paralysis live actively within their communities.

But we have a great deal more to do and that's why I must ask for your help. Please make your year-end contribution online now.

It will be a gift that means more than you know to more people than you could ever imagine.

Thank you for making a difference and I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Matthew Reeve

Matthew Reeve

Matthew Reeve
Reeve Foundation Board of Directors

PS: Remember: Never give up, and never underestimate the difference you can make. I know my father would be so pleased that caring people like you, Reeve, continue to advance the work he started.

Please continue to make a difference in 2013 with your tax-deductible year-end contribution.

On behalf of my entire family and everyone that you will help -- Thank You!

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Continue Christopher Reeve's LegacyPhoto by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders