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Reeve Foundation NACTN

Clinical Trials Support System

A support system for clinical trials: accelerate and validate

When therapies are ready for human trials, where do they go?

The North American Clinical Trials Network (NACTN) is one more way that the Reeve Foundation is moving promising therapies from the lab to spinal cord injured patients. NACTN is working hard to insure that clinical trials are done in a way that maximizes both patient safety and our ability to gather valid, meaningful data.

NACTN is an international network of hospitals with highly trained personnel and uniform protocols and data collection that help to ensure safety for all trial subjects and interpretable trial data. NACTN is:

  • Gathering and documenting patient medical information in a data registry to better understand the body’s natural course of recovery after injury. This information will allow us to more accurately identify improvement that results from the therapy being tested
  • Using standardized patient assessment protocols and developing new ones
  • Primed to conduct new trials of therapy for spinal cord injury

Expediting effective trials

Now, when researchers get the go-ahead for human trials, they don’t have to build the support system for such studies from the ground up – NACTN has already built the standing infrastructure.

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