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It's been over 18 years since Christopher Reeve was paralyzed in an equestrian competition - an event that forever changed the face of the paralysis community.

Christopher and Dana Reeve
Christopher and Dana Reeve

Today, almost six million Americans are living with paralysis. That's the same number of people as the combined populations of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Think about that for a minute. And this month, we honor them by inviting you to #standwithreeve.

The paralysis community is large and diverse. It's filled with men, women and children who have hope and a sense of commitment - hope that one day we will find a way to repair damaged spinal cords and until that day comes, a commitment to improve the quality of life for those living with paralysis.

Christopher Reeve believed that 'nothing is impossible,' and his work lives on through the foundation he helped shape. Because of advocates like you, we continue to increase research funding and attention at a federal level, we continue to provide Quality of Life Grants that elevate the quality of life for those living with paralysis, and we continue to provide support through the NeuroRecovery Network® (NRN) and the Paralysis Resource Center.

A brother, sister, friend, neighbor, a colleague, or you, yourself - many of us have been touched by paralysis in some way, so this month we honor the incredible community of individuals living with paralysis and those who love them.

If you are a member of the paralysis community, or if you know someone who is, enter your information below to show your support as we #standwithreeve!

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