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We are building place where people can come every day to share anything on their minds, and find information to improve the quality of their lives. We'd like this to be less of a Paralysis Community, and more of a community of people supporting each other, who happen to be affected by paralysis.

The only required information below is your first name, last name, and email address. The other questions are there to help the Foundation and other community members get to know each other.

We suggest you enter a name in the "Nickname" space below that other users in the community will see as your displayed name. It can be as simple as your first name or as unique as you would like.

The username and password you create here, is good anywhere else on the site (Paralysis Community, Personal Page, Team Reeve thons).

Note: the most common error that occurs is due to the unique username field. Please try again with a different username until the form goes through. Thank you!

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