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Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis Resource Center

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Games and Entertainment

The next series of apps were created for the kid in all of us, complete with books, sports, and dancing and singing simulations.

Tap Tap Radiation1. Tap Tap Radiation - Similar to the popular game, Guitar Hero, but users just tap on the large dots as they illuminate on the screen imitating the beat of the song being played. With over 100 different songs on the Tapulous.com website that can be downloaded to your Apple device, the music world is easily accessible. No guiter experience is required, you can choose your level of difficulty from easy to extreme.

Optimized for: iPad
Price: Free
Link: tapulous.com/taptapradiation
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Stanza2. Stanza - Read a library full of books without even flipping a page. You can customize the font size and color as well as line spacing. A tap of your fingertip flips the page so you can enjoy reading a plethora of books at your leisure. Different from Kindle because it offers a library full of free books and sheet music. It also allows you to browse different online book stores in order to shop for the best bargain.

Optimized for: iPhone 3.0 or later, iPod Touch and iPad
Price: Free
Link: www.lexcycle.com
Related Products: Kindle for iPhone and iPad (Free) and BN eReader for iPad (Free)

Labyrinth3. Labyrinth - It's okay to be addicted to this game because with over 1000 levels, you will never get tired of it. Your goal is to navigate the steel ball through the intricate field of mazes by tilting and twisting your iPhone or iPad. Sink the ball into the checkered circle and you will find your way to the next level.

Optimized for: iPhone 2.0 or iPad
Price: $2.99
Link: labyrinth.codify.se
Related Products: Labyrinth 2 HD for iPad ($7.99) for iPhone ($4.99)

Touch Grind4. Touch Grind - For those of you with a passion for skateboarding, this game is right up your alley. Use your fingertips to guide the skateboard over jumps, ramps and on rails as you maneuver your way through the skate park by tilting your iPhone or iPad. Learn tricks, like kickflips and ollies, then either skate at your leisure or set it to competition mode. With genuine sound effects, it will feel like you're gliding along on your board. (Find out more about skating on your own four wheels. Visit Life Rolls On- They Will Skate Again)

Optimized for: iPod touch, iPhone 2.0 or later and iPad
Price: $4.99, HD for iPad ($7.99)
Link: www.illusionlabs.com

Pro Surfing5. Pro Surfing - Catch a wave with this innovative app! This realistic surfing experience takes you around the globe, tearing up the water with tricks while you rack up points. Internationally compete with other surfers and try to obtain the title of #1 surfer on the planet. Put down your remote, stop surfing the channels and start surfing the waves with this app. (Find out more about catching a wave of your own. Visit our Life Rolls On - They Will Surf Again section)

Optimized for: iPod Touch, iPhone 2.0 or later
Price: $0.99
Link: www.wildcardprosurfing.com

Glee6. Glee - For the Gleek in all of us. This app works by uploading songs off the website, syncing them to your Apple device, and when the lyrics come up on your screen, just start singing. This app will enhance and harmonize your voice with Artie and the rest of the Glee cast so you will sound like a superstar. You can share your rendition of the songs online and listen to fellow Gleekers performing their favorite hits and even start a virtual Glee club by inviting your friends to join!

Optimized for: iPhone 3.1.2 or later, iPod Touch (with external microphone) and iPad
Price: $0.99 + $0.99 per song
Link: glee.smule.com

B-Boy Beats7. B-Boy Beats - Give your fingertips a workout with this app; nearly identical to Dance Dance Revolution but instead of your feet, your fingers do the dancing. With music surging through your iPhone, it's hard not be infected by the beat. Let your fingers follow the rhythm as you dance your way to the next level.

Optimized for: iPod Touch, iPhone 2.2.1 or later
Price: $2.99
Link: www.tag-games.com

Inspriational Quotes8. Inspirational Quotes - Some days when you find it hard to put a smile on your face, it helps to hear things that make you happy. There are over 500 different inspirational, motivational, feel-good quotes that can help lift your mood. With large, easy to read font styles and color, this app is sure to bring some sunshine into your day.

Optimized for: iPod Touch, iPhone 3.0
Price: $1.99
Link: www.sencedev.com
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Assistive Technology Training Online Project The Assistive Technology Training Online Project (ATTO) provides information on AT applications that help students with disabilities learn in elementary classrooms.

Abledata: ComputersABLEDATA provides objective information on assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources to consumers, organizations, professionals, and caregivers within the United States. We serve the nation's disability, rehabilitation, and senior communities.

AbilityHub: Assistive Technology SolutionsInformation on adaptive equipment and alternative methods for accessing computers.

A Reeve Foundation Fact Sheet on Assistive Technology - Computers (PDF)

Camera MouseThe Camera Mouse uses a standard USB camera to convert head and finger motions into computer mouse pointer movements.

The CyberlinkBrain Actuated Technologies has developed this unique, futuristic system enabling hands-free control of a mouse cursor to power video games and other electronic products. The Cyberlink device, reminicent of a science fiction gadget, utilizes a headband with sensors that detect electrical signals made from subtle facial muscle and eye movements as well as from brain wave activity.

Dragon SystemsVoice activation at its finest, the Dragon Systems technology is used not only to operate laptops and pda's but can even control multimedia centers, navigation systems, mobile phones and much more.

laesieworks.com: Computer AccessIt's can be very important for a quadriplegia to have very good access to normal computer & software, even when laying flat in bed. This page is about how I do it. No, that dot is nothing religious! With that dot I control my computer.

Origin Instruments CorporationThis company manufactures The HeadMouse Extreme which translates head motions into computer mouse pointer movements. They also offer other helpful accessories such as soft and smart type keyboards, a sip and puff switch and a dragger utility for manipulating the left and right buttons of the standard mouse.

Prentke Romich CompanyFor complete computer control, visit this site which offers just about every possible device for accessibility from specialized keyboards to the headmouse.

Quad-JoyThis hands-free system was developed by a quadriplegic who, fueled by his own needs, figured a way to operate his computer using a joystick controlled mouse. The mouse works by sip and puff.

The Talking DesktopHands-free computer operation becomes possible with this voice activated software. Through speech recognition, the talking desktop will guide you through virtually any computer function.

TrackerProThe TrackerPro technology allows for cursor control to function through head pointing using a unit which is located on the top of the computer. The unit tracks head movements by the user and then converts the motions into computer mouse operations.

Paralysis Resource Center The Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Center Information Specialists are reachable business weekdays, Monday through Friday, toll-free at 800-539-7309 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ET. You may also schedule a call or send a message online.

Reeve Foundation Online Paralysis Community Connecting people living with paralysis, families, friends and caregivers so we can share support, experience, knowledge, and hope.

Quality of Life Grants DatabaseFind resources within the PRC Quality of Life Grants Database. Search by Zip Code, State or an Entire Category.

Library Books and VideosFind resources within the PRC library catalog.

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The Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Center Information Specialists are reachable business weekdays, Monday through Friday, toll-free at 800-539-7309 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern U.S. Time. International callers use 973-467-8270. You may also schedule a call or send a message online.

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