Chris became the voice, and most importantly the beacon of hope, for all who live with paralysis.

Christoper Reeve portrait by Timothy Greenfield-SandersI can remember the day of Christopher Reeve’s injury so vividly. It happened to be my birthday.

I can still feel the overwhelming sadness of that day twenty-five years ago. But I also knew that he would ultimately do something profound with the cause that found him.

You see, I had met Chris several years before his injury during the course of my nonprofit work. I was struck by his extraordinary intelligence, his dedication to the highest ideals, and -- most of all -- his humanity. He was everything one expects from celebrity but rarely experiences.

Since his injury on May 27, 1995 -- twenty-five years ago today -- no person has accelerated the pace, interest and support of research on paralysis from spinal cord injury more than Christopher Reeve has.

After his injury, Chris traveled the world meeting scientists and public officials, business leaders and philanthropists. Every scientist who had the chance to hear him speak, read his words, embrace him and Dana -- and now their children -- has remarked that their perspective was forever changed by their encounter.

Chris became the voice, and most importantly the beacon of hope, for all who live with paralysis.

In that time -- thanks to your generosity -- the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation has made a vast difference in the lives of those living with paralysis. Together, we’ve...

  • channeled more than $130 million on research towards cures;
  • distributed nearly $30 million in Quality of Life grants to local organizations that provide access, achievement, care and compassion;
  • helped more than 100,000 individuals and families with direct support from our Information Specialists;
  • opened the Paralysis Resource Center, fulfilling Dana’s vision for providing care for people who live with paralysis and their caregivers;
  • generated newfound awareness in the public policy arena and on a larger cultural level about living with disabilities...
  • ...and our Big Idea -- epidural stimulation that improves the quality of life and health outcomes for those living with paralysis -- is the most significant advancement in the field today and a direct result of Chris’ keen interest in the science.

Chris and Dana completely changed the way that people think about living with spinal cord injury.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing 25 stories of courage, compassion, and hope, made possible because of your support.

Chris and Dana created an urgent intensity that continues today to uncover -- through research and by identifying needed resources -- immediate care and the ultimate cures.

Chris’s wheelchair sits in the foyer of our office and has become a symbol and a place of contemplation for the thousands of visitors we’ve had since his passing.

His words endure -- in his books and speeches that still resonate to this day. His legacy continues -- even after his passing, he inspires and touches countless lives.