Every piece makes a difference

December 28, 2013

Think about your favorite jigsaw puzzle -- and the familiar rush of excitement each time you fit a piece. First, you build the border to give the puzzle structure. Then, internal sections come together, creating direction and definition. Piece by piece, a clear image begins to emerge.

The Reeve Foundation works much the same way.

Years ago, our foundation, our border was built -- to help people living with paralysis -- and we set a solid framework for the future -- curing spinal cord injury and improving quality of life.

Then we started to fill in the pieces.

Groundbreaking research and the Paralysis Resource Center emerged as large internal sections of the puzzle. Pieces came together for advocacy and Quality of Life Grants Program to support our community and build resources. Other sections formed, like Team Reeve® and A Magical Evening, focused on raising the necessary funds to do this important work.

This year, two big sections came together with the launch of Team LeGrand in partnership with the Reeve Foundation. With the addition of new clinical trials as well as scientific and rehabilitation centers, our research puzzle grew.

But just like your favorite puzzle, these major initiatives and accomplishments can only be achieved by adding one piece at a time.

And every piece -- every person -- makes a difference.

Behind each and every program, event or discovery are people. People like epidural stimulation study participant Rob Summers, advocate and activist Jennifer Longdon or Team Reeve® and Champions Committee member Alyson Donnelly and her brother Jonathan. People like YOU.

In the nearly 10 years since Christopher’s passing, thousands and thousands of people have added their time and talents to our common goal to make life better for the 5.6 million Americans living with paralysis.

Who will add the final puzzle piece? It could be you. Join us today.

There’s no question that excitement about reaching the end is starting to build. With each new piece of the puzzle, we fill in an important link, and an image of life without paralysis begins to emerge.

John (Jack) Hughes
Chairman, Board of Directors
Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Peter T. Wilderotter
President and CEO
Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation