SEALFIT joins forces with filmmaker Matthew Reeve, to lead a national fundraising workout of the day (WOD) for The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in San Diego on Saturday, December 5.

ENCINITAS, Calif. (Nov. 13, 2015) -- In early December, athletes from schools, gyms, companies, CrossFit affiliates, as well as police and firefighter communities nationwide are encouraged to participate in the first ever "Reeve WOD," to honor the late Christopher Reeve and raise funds for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

On December 5th, SEALFIT HQ will host a class during its Unbeatable Mind Retreat that will feature the Reeve WOD at 8:00am PST with special guest Matthew Reeve. Additionally, the Reeve WOD will be livestreamed on to inspire participation from other gyms and athletes across the country. Groups of participants from their boxes and communities, along with individuals can join the workout and fundraising by going to

The event was created as a collaboration between Commander Mark Divine, the CEO of SEALFIT, and Matthew Reeve, the eldest son of Christopher Reeve, who serves as the Vice Chair of International Development for the Reeve Foundation Board of Directors. Outside of his work with the nonprofit, Reeve is an independent producer, writer and director. Divine graduated the honor man of his SEAL class, and currently trains athletes, prospective SEALS, first responders and business professionals about mental toughness and developing a warrior spirit and mindset.

The funds raised through the Reeve WOD will go towards research like epidural stimulation that enabled four men, who were completely paralyzed, to voluntarily move their legs, stand, and recover critical autonomic functions. Currently, the Reeve Foundation is working to expand the study through a campaign called The Big Idea.

"Thanks to cutting-edge research, we are transforming lives and starting to get people out of their wheelchairs," said Matthew Reeve. "This is a great way for people to help us continue to do that. I know my father would be incredibly proud of the distance traveled to deliver on his mission -- cures for spinal cord injury -- and this opportunity to unite the SEALFIT, CrossFit, first responders, and wider athletic communities nationwide will further fuel that journey."

"I am thrilled to support the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to raise awareness and funds for spinal cord research," said Mark Divine. "The mission of the foundation is in line with our vision at Unbeatable Mind and SEALFIT -- to inspire and guide people to meet their full potential. The many warriors and athletes who live with spinal injuries, including my teammates and friends, will meet their fullest potential with the help of the foundation's efforts."

The workout will be scalable and open to athletes of all levels and physical capacities. Scaling options for the WOD will be also available to all adaptive athletes and paraplegics. Participants will be encouraged to make a $20 contribution to the Reeve Foundation. The Reeve WOD will be a combination of a 1.3-mile run and 15-minute AMRAP consisting of functional movement/bodyweight exercises.

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