An exclusive video from Will Reeve

Posted by Peter T. Wilderotter in Daily Dose on August 17, 2017 # Christopher and Dana, Research

Earlier this year, Will Reeve, son of Christopher and Dana Reeve, addressed researchers at the Salk Institute to inspire them to work smarter, faster and with greater resolve to change the world for individuals living with paralysis. Take a look at an exclusive video of his speech.

Like his father, Will echoed our promise to the paralysis community—to never stop until cures are found and made available. And that is where you come in.

We are uncovering unprecedented breakthroughs and igniting a new era of hope for those who thought recovery after paralysis was impossible. As Christopher said—nothing is impossible, but we need your help.

As a direct result of your continued support, we have been able to invest over $130 million in uniting the brightest minds to progress research to achieve our goal—cures for spinal cord injury. And we cannot let this momentum of progress stop.

Keep us going forward.

Now is the time to push forward together. As Will Reeve said: “The people you are helping are fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, brothers, and sisters. They aren’t statistics, or data points….they are real people who need your help.”

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