Check it out: A stroke of faith: A stroke survivor’s story

Posted by Reeve Staff in Daily Dose on October 30, 2017 # Health

A Stroke of Faith: A Stroke Survivor’s Story of a Second Chance at Living a Life of Significance by Mark Moore with Andy Butcher, New York: Faith Words, 2017.

Mark Moore believes we all have gifts or natural abilities, from the person who can look at sheet music and hear the song to Mark himself who could work with numbers in a way that seemed as simple as breathing. In May 2007, while enjoying a day with his son Markus, things suddenly shifted for Mark as he had a severe stroke. Mark used his spiritual connection to get through his stroke. After realizing he was no longer in control and his life would never return to exactly what it was before the stroke, Mark gained a deeper understanding of the certainty of God’s presence in his life.

Like many people after life changing events, Mark sat and wondered what his life had been and what it had become. He felt he would live the rest of his life in the shadow of who he once was. He then realized these things were beyond his control and in the hands of God. A Stroke of Faith tells the story of moving from hope to faith.

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