Fundraise with Facebook!

Posted by Reeve Staff in Daily Dose on February 07, 2018 # News

Raise funds for the Reeve Foundation with Facebook! With the new donate/raise money feature, anyone over 18 can now set up a dedicated page to share with friends to reach a specific fundraiser goal. There are also dedicated pages that can be created in honor of a family member or a friend, even if they don’t have a profile.

Simply follow these steps through your Facebook profile:

1. - Go to your Facebook homepage and click on "Fundraisers" on the left side menu.

2. - After clicking on "Fundraisers" it will bring you to their Fundraisers page. Click on "Raise Money".

3. - After clicking on "Raise Money" you should see a pop up that looks like this. Click on "Get Started"

4. - Since you will be fundraising for a NPO, click on Nonprofit.

5. - Find the foundation you want to fundraise for. In this case click on Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

6. - After selecting the foundation you will need to complete 3 steps within the pop up. The last step is selecting your cover photo.

7. - Once your page is created it will prompt you to select a few of you friends to visit your fundraising page.

8. - The final step will be sharing your fundraising page on your personal Facebook page. So your whole friends list knows you're fundraising.

9. - Start fundraising! Facebook will take care of the rest.

100% of the proceeds go straight to the Reeve Foundation, to help fund research to find cures for all individuals living with paralysis.Let’s use social media for social good!

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