Introducing Adaptoys

Posted by Reeve Staff in Daily Dose on May 02, 2016 # Assistive Technology, News

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, in its partnership with advertising agency 360i and technology company Axios have announced the creation, Adaptoys, which allows individuals living with physical disabilities to actively play with their families through modified toys.

The current adapted prototypes created by Axios include a remote control car is powered by a headset equipped with a straw, into which users can exhale to cause the car to accelerate, or inhale to reverse, and a voice-controlled pitching machine throws a ball on the user’s command, tossing pop-ups, groundballs and strikes.

“Technology has been such a powerful force for individuals with disabilities. However, there is a void when it comes to technology and accessible toys,” said Peter Wilderotter, President and CEO, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. “Adaptoys will help eliminate inequality by reimagining playtime for parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles or aunts who are living with paralysis. We are excited to partner with 360i on this innovative campaign to ignite a global conversation and share these life-changing toys with more families.”

The full process of how these designs work can be seen in a short video presentation. The video features Donna Lowich, a grandmother of three living with quadriplegia, and former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand, also living with quadriplegia who frequently spends time with his nephews and newborn niece.

To extend this idea, the Reeve Foundation and its partners in this initiative, have launched a crowdfunding campaign at to raise funds to support the research, development and cover production costs for at least 100 adapted remote control cars, which will be distributed to individuals living with paralysis through a random lottery selection.

“As a grandmother, you dream about playing with your grandchildren. But for people living with disabilities, playtime can be isolating and inaccessible. My granddaughter lit up when I was able to race cars with her,” said Donna Lowich. “Adaptoys will allow me to be part of her childhood in a more meaningful way and my only hope is that we can bring these accessible toys to many more families. Everyone deserves to play with their loved ones.”

Together, we can bring the power of playtime to everyone with #Adaptoys. For more information, visit and sign up to stay updated on the campaign.

Read the press release with full details

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