Love AP & Accessibility: Access Asbury & The Asbury Park Wine Tour

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Asbury Park is a city known for bringing people together from all cultures and passions in life, hosting a variety of events and concerts year round. Love, acceptance, and accessibility all come with the AP territory. Hence the AP Chamber of Commerce’s slogan: Love Asbury Park.

It’s this philosophy that made the annual Wine Tour such a success. The event was a prime example of the beauty of accessible buildings, because accessibility is about inclusion for all people. It takes nothing away from an experience -- it opens opportunities and brings people together. Members of the Access Asbury initiative attended the event, sipping wine and sharing laughs the entire time.

Scott Chesney clinks glasses in toast on the Wine Tour

Tables that are wheelchair accessible allow individuals living with paralysis to mingle comfortably with their group.

Scott Chesney & members of the Fortune Web Marketing & Access Asbury pose with the staff of Bonney Read.
Bonney Read staff members welcome members of the Access Asbury initiative as it continues to grow in the community.

Scott Chesney (front) smiles big with Jennifer Schulman of Fortune Web Marketing (left) and Sheila Olt of Access Asbury (right).

Accessibility allows everyone to enjoy events and helps to make lasting memories of joy & friendship.

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Examples of AP’s Accessible Restaurants in Action
In addition to its artistic culture, Asbury Park is home to some of the best restaurants at the Jersey Shore. This winter, the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual Wine Tour. Reeve Ambassador, Scott Chesney attended the event with Access Asbury, sampling vintages from the many accessible restaurants in the downtown.

Brando’s Citi Cucina
The first stop on the Asbury Park Wine Tour, Brando’s is a local favorite as an Italian Steakhouse. In the true Italian fashion, the restaurant is welcoming and accommodating, treating its guests like extended family. This includes the accessible layout of the establishment and the staff’s accommodating nature to those living with paralysis. Brando’s is an establishment where everyone can live and dine without limitations.

Renowned for it’s incredible Japanese cuisine, Taka is the chic restaurant on Cookman Avenue. Taka is one of the largest restaurants in downtown Asbury Park, making mobility easy for all of its customers. From Spanish reds to traditional sake, this is the place with the scene and the food to match. For those living with paralysis, the high quality service and accessible accommodation are just as famous as its Eastern cuisine.

It’s not just the dining area that gives Taka the gold star of accessibility; its bathrooms are easy to navigate as well.

Asbury Park is transforming into a model of accessibility before our very eyes, but there’s still more to do.

Love AP & Accessibility?
Learn More & Get Involved in Access Asbury!

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