NextSteps For SCI With Janne Kouri

Posted by Reeve Staff in Daily Dose on August 11, 2015 # Health

Janne Kouri, President and Founder of NextStep Fitness, a Reeve Foundation NeuroRecovery Network center, recently released a video discussing the important actions to take after sustaining a spinal cord injury.

Kouri was injured in 2006 after diving into a sandbar causing him to fracture his C5 and C6 vertebrae. As documented in the video, Kouri shares his initial feelings after the accident and how his life changed in an instant.

“I remember being in the hospital and being terrified, having so many questions and no answers” he explains in the 15 minute video. “So that’s why we decided to create this video to answer some of those questions, and give you a basic guide to get you through this difficult situation and back to living your life.”

Kouri goes on to explain the first key steps of recovery such as finding a rehab center and caregiver, understanding insurance and nutrition, and everything in between. He also gives cites different resources and organizations that provide services to help navigate life with paralysis, including the Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Center (PRC). For example, Kouri details the importance of understanding the impact of secondary conditions like autonomic dysreflexia, and having literature on hand to share with medical professionals.

As he covers each topic area, Kouri repeats his mantra of maintaining a positive outlook no matter the circumstance or situation.

“You are going to go on and live a wonderful life and live out all your dreams…this injury is not the end of your life, it’s just a bump in the road.”

Watch Janne Kouri’s video, “NextSteps for SCI”.

Learn more about NextStep Fitness and the other NeuroRecovery Network centers located nationwide.

You may also contact one of our Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Center Information Specialists. They are reachable business weekdays, Monday through Friday, toll-free at 800-539-7309 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ET. You may also schedule a call or send a message online.

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