​Pandemic-Induced WFH Movement Holds Challenges, Opportunities for Individuals with Disability

Posted by Reeve Staff in Daily Dose on April 07, 2021 # Reeve Summit

Pandemic-Induced WFH Movement Holds Challenges, Opportunities for Individuals with Disability

Reeve Summit 2021 Session Explores Work-at-Home Partnerships for People Living with Paralysis

The COVID-19 pandemic has made WFH (working from home) a worldwide phenomenon, presenting both challenges and opportunities to people living with paralysis. The opportunities for remote work have sharply increased as the economy has shifted toward online commerce. At the same time, the larger pool of people choosing to work remotely can put people with a disability at a disadvantage if competing against employee prospects who are not due to persistent stigmatization. Fortunately, employers are beginning to wake up to the value of employing individuals with a disability.

Finding the right WFH fit is the subject of an upcoming workshop at the virtual Reeve Summit 2021 (April 27-29). Michael Sanders of [email protected], a non-profit that helps individuals with disabilities return to the workplace, will present “Partnering for Progress in the World of Remote Work.”


Helping People with Disabilities Find Meaningful Employment Working from Home

Sanders is currently the head of partnerships for [email protected], part of the non-profit National Telecommuting Institute. NTI’s mission is to train and assist people with disabilities and those who care for them to get work-from-home call center jobs. NTI partners with Fortune 500 organizations to provide work-at-home jobs to individuals with disabilities nationwide.

The organization helps fill a critical gap in employment opportunities for the nearly 50 million people living with a disability in the United States, of which 34 million have a severe disability and 24 million have a functional limitation. “

[CALL-OUT] Surprisingly, only 12% of disability organizations focus on helping those people find employment, and of those organizations, only half provide remote-work opportunities,” says Sanders. “Compounded with the impact of the pandemic, job resources and opportunities for the disabled population have dwindled.”

Learn About Resources, Training Programs and WFH Positions Available Through Non-Profit [email protected]

Sanders will share how [email protected] has responded to COVID-19 to provide expanded WFH opportunities to individuals with disabilities. In addition, he will describe resources, training programs, and positions available through the non-profit. Organizational representatives can learn how to successfully partner with NTI to expand work-at-home opportunities and refer members of the disability community.

An activist and TEDx speaker within the disability community, Sanders has presented on remote work, E-Learning, marketing, and disability rights. He is a founding member of the Boston Inclusion Community and Into the Streets, programs aimed at increasing disability awareness in Boston and its surrounding areas.

Second Annual Reeve Summit April 27-29 Features 40+ Virtual Sessions on Paralysis Topics

The second annual Reeve Summit: Where Care, Cure and Community Connect takes place April 27-29, 2021. Partnering for Progress in the World of Remote Work” is one of more than 40 virtual sessions. The summit will explore topics relevant to the paralysis community, including advocacy, caregiving, employment, research, and health and wellness. Participants around the globe will have a chance to hear from experts, ask questions, and share their own experiences of living with paralysis.


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