ReelAbilities New York Film Festival Goes Virtual from March 31- April 6

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As they say, the show must go on! The ReelAbilities New York Film Festival is going virtual! Please join us on March 31, 2020 to April 6, 2020 for the 12th annual festival.

ReelAbilitiesThe ReelAbilities Film Festival promotes awareness and inclusion through the stories and artistic expressions of people with disabilities. This is a time to build a bond with the community in a new and exciting way. The cost for virtual tickets is $5 dollars for general admission and $15 dollars for the supporter price. Join us in celebrating the diversity of the human experience through engaging films and cultural events.

Featured Films

AMY’S VICTORY DANCE: Professional dancer Amy Jordan is run over by a NYC bus. Her first thought is “Am I ever going to dance again?” Her second is “If I survive the night, there will be a victory dance.”

CODE OF THE FREAKS: Taking its title from Tod Browning’s classic film, this radical reframing of how characters with disabilities are represented looks at a century of Hollywood favorites with a fresh perspective.

DON’T FOIL MY PLANS: Justin, an artist with autism in his mid-twenties, wants to pursue an independent life. But what appears simple on paper is not so easily realized.

KINETICS: After Rose is diagnosed with Parkinson’s she meets Lukas, a frustrated young man who finds his release through parkour. Together they embark on a journey of discovery and acceptance.

OLIVER SACKS: HIS OWN LIFE: The riveting and profoundly moving life and work of Oliver Sacks —an old-fashioned polymath and natural historian of the 19th century sort who redefined our 21st century understanding of brain and mind.

OUR TIME MACHINE: Maleonn is one of China’s most influential conceptual artists. When his father, the former director of the Shanghai Chinese Opera Theater, is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Maleonn pours everything into an ambitious new theater project: “Papa’s Time Machine.”

THE WITCH HUNTERS: 10-year-old Jovan's ordinary world is shaken up by a new classmate who invites him on a spectacular adventure. But in order to become a true hero, like those Jovan daydreams of, he must learn to accept himself and his life with cerebral palsy.

25 Prospect Street: Thedocumentary features a behind-the-screens look at the sparkle and the struggles of the Prospector Theater – a nonprofit movie theater in Connecticut with a mission of meaningful employment for people with disabilities.

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