Reeve Ambassador, Scott Chesney talks FES Bike

Posted by Reeve Staff in Daily Dose on September 27, 2021 # Health

Scott Chesney’s face lights up when he talks about his Restorative Therapies Inc. (RTI) FES bike.

“Not only does the bike help build and maintain muscle, but it also helps foster confidence, self-esteem and the belief that your body will be prepared for the day when cures and more effective treatments may be available,” says Chesney.

Right now, new and current Reeve Foundation newsletter subscribers can register to win an RT300 bike by Restorative Therapies. Used for home-based rehabilitation, the bike has the potential to significantly improve physical recovery and quality of life and can be a key part of a well-rounded approach to physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to own your own FES bike,” says Chesney, who has been using an FES bike for 20 years.

The bike uses functional electrical stimulation (FES), a well-established rehabilitation technique that uses pulses of electrical current to stimulate nerves to generate muscle contractions and patterned muscle activity.

“You place the electrodes over the muscle to be activated, and the bike’s computer acts like a brain,” says Chesney. “It knows how much stimulation to give your muscles. It knows when your muscles are getting tired and automatically reduces the stimulation.”

The FDA has cleared the FES bike to improve circulation, re-educate muscles and reduce spasms. Chesney has found that with consistent use, he has gained muscle girth in his legs and buttocks.

“Lack of movement can contribute to osteoporosis. Increased circulation and the muscle contracting around the bone help prevent bone deterioration and skin breakdown. It is a great cardio workout as well,” says Chesney, who usually rides his bike for about 30-35 minutes at a time.

Chesney was born with arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a congenital disorder that can affect the blood vessels in the spinal cord. He has been paralyzed since 1985, when he was 15 years old.

“My goal is to keep my body as strong as possible for the day when there are cures and more effective treatments for paralysis,” says Chesney. “It is very empowering to see your legs move and see individual muscle groups responding to the therapy. I love to exercise, and the FES bike offers a great opportunity to do it at home.”

“If this bike is something you’ve been thinking about, don’t miss this opportunity to get a brand new one. Sign up for the Foundations’ Newsletter to enter the giveaway today. It’s a no-brainer,” says Chesney, who is also a Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Ambassador. “Tell your friends to share with their loved ones. Spread the word – and also be sure to sign up for the Reeve Run & Run.”

Sign up for the Reeve Foundation Newsletter Today. The RT300 bike giveaway ends on October 6, 2021, at 11:59:59 p.m. ET.

This post is a collaboration between the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and Restorative Therapies Inc. (RTI).

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