Staff Picks: "Blue Skies for Lupe" & "Special Needs Trusts"

Posted by Reeve Staff in Daily Dose on April 11, 2017 # News

All of these books can be checked out of our Paralysis Resource Center Library. Please see the instructions for using the library at The online catalog can be used to find other books and videos related to paralysis.

Blue Skies for Lupe by Linda Kurtz Kignsley is the pick of Aida, the Reeve Foundation’s Outreach Coordinator. “As the Outreach Coordinator, I spread the word about the PRC’s services to the underserved. This book intersects with that as it is the fictional story of a young girl whose family immigrated from Mexico to California and work as migrant farmworkers. Born with a spinal defect, Lupe is a wheelchair user who does not let anything hold her back. As Outreach Coordinator, this book resonates with me since it is so important to see people similar to oneself depicted in books and the media. The beautiful illustrations add immensely to the book. Though fictional, it is based on a true story.”

Special Needs Trusts: Protect Your Child’s Financial Future by Kevin Urbatsch 6th edition. This book is a favorite of PRC Information Specialist Jennifer. “It shows you how to leave money to your child who has a disability or special needs without jeopardizing government benefits. It provides the information and forms you need to create a special needs trust in simple language. It also includes some sample letters that are crucial in the process. I recommend it to any parent or guardian who is doing life care planning.” It is published by Nolo which specializes in legal books written in a straightforward, easy to follow format.

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