The Impact of Having a Mentor

Posted by Reeve Staff in Daily Dose on January 13, 2017 # Peer & Family Support Program Spotlight

If you are living with paralysis or are the family member of a person living with paralysis, talking with someone who has been there and knows what you are going through can have a great impact. A mentor can provide support, guidance and hope; a mentor can help you overcome challenges, set goals to move forward, and learn to thrive. Reaching out to a mentor can be the first step in getting back to living your life. The Reeve Foundation’s Peer & Family Support Program has peer mentors willing to share their experience, perspective and advice with you; our mentors are dedicated to making an impact on each person that they mentor.

Several peers who have received mentoring through the Peer & Family Support Program have shared with us how it has impacted their lives:

Sue is a life line for me while I adjust to life in a wheelchair. We have never met in person, but that hasn't stopped us from sharing our lives. She is playing a huge role in my ability to establish a satisfying life. – Elizabeth

After I was discharged from rehab and went home, I sought out my mentor Craig for advice on how to adjust to my new life in the wheelchair away from the rehabilitation center. Craig gave me a lot of encouragement and shared specifics of how he lives his daily life. Craig also helped me determine what kind of vehicle my family should buy in terms of what would work best for me at that moment and would also be easily adapted for me to drive in the near future. – Will

Ashley's mentorship has impacted me in several ways. She has been the perfect role model for a person that is in a wheelchair. Ashley has encouraged me to strive for everything I thought was too difficult to accomplish. She has shown me it is okay to be different and how to embrace it. – Brooke

If you would like to connect with one of our mentors, click here or call 1-800- 539-7309. #ReeveMentors

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