To My Mom, 5 Years After the Injury That Paralyzed Me

Posted by Reeve Staff in Daily Dose on November 09, 2015 # Team LeGrand

From The Mighty, originally published Nov. 5, 2015: A letter from Eric LeGrand to his mom.

Dear Mom,

They say moms are always there for their children. As much as I wish that statement were true for everybody, I’m fortunate enough to have it be true in my life. When I think about you, Mom, I think about how tough, stern and responsible you are. Since the day I was born, you’ve always wanted the best for my older sister and me. You raised both of us as a single mom, which is challenging enough on its own.

Before I was born, you two lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey. When my sister first started school, you drove 20 minutes to Colonia (the opposite direction of where you worked at the time) because it had a better school system than Elizabeth. That meant an extra 25-minute drive to Jersey City (passing through Elizabeth on your way) to go to work, then picking her up at Grandma’s house in Colonia after work. You sacrificed and did that every day to make sure she had a better education.

Read the full letter from Eric here.

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