What I Now Know: Garrison Redd

Posted by Reeve Staff in Daily Dose on October 01, 2019 # SCI Awareness

Dear Garrison,

I love you; I love everything about you. You are a true hero. Your journey has been remarkable. In the 14 years you have been paralyzed, I have watched you triumph and overcome any adversity or obstacle that was put in front of you. When most people would have given up and thrown in the towel, I watched you get knocked down and become resilient in your quest to find equality as being a young paraplegic individual in society.

I have seen you accomplish so much and never once did you say “why me.” I think that is what I love most about you. I see people run into adversity and then question whether they have the strength to overcome it.

It has been interesting knowing you and knowing how even though you were faced with the odds of never walking again you never let that discourage you. You graduated high school using a wheelchair, you graduated college using a wheelchair, you went on to work a full-time job and independently got yourself to work every day. You didn’t even miss a day of work your first year, which is incredible given the many obstacles that stood in your way. And what you are currently doing is even more remarkable.

I would have never thought that you would take a leap of faith and leave your career to embark on another career. You founded a non-profit organization to help children with disabilities, became a full-time motivational speaker, para-powerlifter, a model, and a true advocate for the Spinal Cord Injury community. I guess the question that everybody wants to know is “What gave you the ambition to chase your goals?”

In this next chapter of your life, I see even more incredible things happening. Now as an ambassador for the Reeve Foundation I can see you connecting with millions of “Wheelies” (term we use for chair users) all across the world. Providing motivation and inspiration to individuals from all walks of life and letting them know that anything and everything is possible. The wheelchair isn’t a restriction, however, society places limits on wheelchair users and you are here to make sure they are heard. Stay positive and keep going because the world needs amazing people like yourself and I can see you winning a Nobel peace prize so please keep going.

Best regards,

Your best friend

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