What I Now Know: Giulia Lamarca

Posted by Reeve Staff in Daily Dose on September 30, 2019 # SCI Awareness

Dear Giulia,

I would like to protect you from all that is about to happen, you look at yourself with that smile of yours. The smile of those who always want to smile at life and are so unaware of many things.

I would like to warn you of the pain you will experience and the unimaginable wound that this incident will cause you and the fact that this wound will never be cured.

But if you read this... if you read that this wound in your heart will not heal, you would not become what we are now. So, I won't tell you this. Because that smile that you have was the one that saved you... and that made you become me.

So, here's what's waiting for you.

From now on your life will be a roller coaster, in the first year, there will be lots of lows. But after that, you'll get things you didn't even know you could get. You will stop doing sports because you will not be able to do that but you will understand that you are intelligent so you will be brilliant at school and at your job.

The guy from your accident will leave you, he will hurt you and you will never tell anyone exactly how much he made you suffer except for a few people. This will hurt you because it will make you understand that loving you now is not for everyone, but I would like to tell you not to cry too much because love will come for you.

And you will find him right in that hospital. He will be a friend, someone who will know you completely and you will understand that love is the most important thing in life.

Giulia… life will be completely different, and in some aspects, it will be more tiring. You will have to live with a new daily life. Normal things, like going to the bathroom, will change and bind your life. But you won't lose that smile. You'll also learn to laugh at this with the new partner you have.

Yes, because he will marry you... so take the fear of not being loved out of your head because you will be!

And I know what you are you thinking on this day.

Will I be happy again?

Well dear Giulia... the future you to the Giulia of the past has the answer: Yes, you will be happy but above all, you will feel fulfilled because this infinite disaster has made you stronger…

There will be so many moments when this wound will make you insecure and you will doubt yourself, your abilities, your beauty and the possibility of being whoever you want.

You will discover that the world is not the place so kind as everyone says, it is still made of so many discriminations, of people who do not understand and of people who do not know any better.

But I can tell you that sometimes, in these years, you will falter but you will always know how to come back up, stronger, but above all with the right answers and time, you will have the ability to create something.

So, Giulia I tell you: stand up and be proud because for me you are still like that.



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