Your Efforts Will Make All the Difference for Prop 14

Posted by Reeve Foundation Staff in Daily Dose on October 13, 2020 # Advocacy and Policy

I am writing today to inform you about California’s Proposition 14 and its unique and proven ability to provide a stable and consistent source of funding for medical research for better treatments and cures for many conditions, including spinal cord injury and paralysis and to potentially save millions of lives and billions of dollars — an impact that will extend far beyond the state alone.

This November, California voters have an opportunity to authorize $5.5 billion in state general obligation bonds (not taxes) to continue funding the development of vital treatments and cures, and to help stimulate the state’s economy in the wake of the pandemic.

The Golden State has already made significant progress in biomedical research and therapy development. In 2004, with a nearly 60% vote, Californians passed an initiative that resulted in establishment of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). I want to highlight just a few of CIRM’s contributions and successes, including in disease research:

  • 93+ clinical trials;
  • Nearly 3,000 published medical discoveries;
  • Training of over 1,200 undergraduate and master’s students who will serve as the future workforce in this field.

CIRM has also generated $10.7 billion in increased economic activity in California by creating tens of thousands of jobs, increasing state tax revenues, increasing economic output and attracting outside world-class talent, business and investments to the state.

Prop 14 will extend and expand on these successes while helping to save money. Chronic disease is the leading cause of death and the leading driver of healthcare costs and bankruptcies. Chronic disease costs California over $300 billion annually, including 30% of the state budget, and growing. Reducing the cost of treating just 6 major chronic diseases by 1-2% would save billions and pay for Proposition 14 twice over.

Click here to learn more about what Prop 14 and stem cell research and therapy development can do for patients with spinal cord injury and paralysis.

It is my hope that this information will compel you to educate yourself about Prop 14. To learn more, visit


Peter Wilderotter

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