​30 Ideas For Fall-Themed Self-Care Activities

Posted by Lauren Presutti in Life After Paralysis on October 03, 2022 # Lifestyle

Fall It’s time for warm drinks, cozy sweaters, an abundance of blankets, crisp air, and rustling leaves. For many people, the fall season is a strange combination of comfort and discomfort. We enjoy embracing the fall colors, snuggling close to a fireplace, reflecting on summer, and maybe enjoying a pumpkin spice coffee. But as trees change and leaves fall, we experience a time of letting the old things go. The change in seasons may challenge us as it is bound to have us thinking about changes in our own lives.

So I invite you to think about the things you may consider letting go of. Are there anxieties, insecurities, fears, or unsettling thoughts overwhelming your ability to find peace? Is there any room in your life to imagine letting go of these burdens? How might your mindset change? What would that look like? How would that feel? Reflect on these questions as you consider the personal growth you may be working toward.

As with any time of change in our lives, self-care is essential. Letting go of our past requires grieving what we had before and moving toward acceptance of a new experience, whether it be a new home, a new school year, a new relationship, or simply a new season with new temperatures and chores. Need some ideas for practicing fall-themed self-care? I got you covered.

  • Visit a pumpkin patch – try painting a pumpkin or do a traditional carve
  • Go apple picking – don’t forget to wear a mask and socially distance!
  • Take a hike in nature and enjoy the fall colors
  • Watch a football game
  • Binge-watch your favorite Halloween movies
  • Decorate for fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving – make your home as cozy as can be!
  • Try some new chili recipes
  • Savor a warm drink – who am I kidding? I drink hot chocolate year-round!
  • Create a new routine for the fall season
  • Start journaling – or start an ongoing gratitude list
  • Bake some favorite desserts
  • Think about the social boundaries in your life – need to re-examine these?
  • De-clutter your summer wardrobe – and dig out some flannel to wear
  • Make a vision board for everything you want to do before winter comes
  • Splurge on a new fluffy blanket
  • Indulge in some fall fragrances – candles, body wash, etc.
  • Paint your nails a fall color
  • Take an online restorative yoga class
  • Enjoy a long Sunday nap – the fall season is busy, and you deserve a rest!
  • Start Christmas present planning – it’s never too early
  • Take some fall pictures of scenery – use ‘Portrait Mode’ if you have an iPhone
  • Have a virtual Halloween party or a costume photoshoot
  • Plan your big goals for next year
  • Cuddle with your pets
  • Make time for reading good books
  • Visit a Farmer's Market or try a new jam – maybe black raspberry jelly on smooth toast!
  • Make some homemade apple cider
  • Start going to bed earlier and create a better sleep routine
  • Take a drive through a new nature area you haven’t visited before
  • Check-in with yourself… How is your mental health? What could be better?

Above all, embrace the warmth in your life this season. Warm surroundings, warm people, and activities make you feel warm and fuzzy. Let go of what you find unhelpful and reorganize your life in a way that matters to you.

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