​5 Workout Items Every Person with A Spinal Cord Injury Should Own

Posted by Garrison Redd in Life After Paralysis on May 25, 2022 # Lifestyle

Garrison ReddAs a 17 year, T-12 paraplegic many of my fellow peers within the community often ask me, “What can I do to get in shape?” In this blog, I will be listing 5 workout items that you can purchase at any sporting goods, multipurpose, or internet store. I am not a physical therapist or a doctor, so I would advise everyone to consult with your medical care team. Also, I would like to make note that we all have different abilities, so each of these items can serve a different purpose depending on the person.

Resistance Bands or TheraBand - They're super affordable and easy to transport. They help stretch and warm up your muscles before a tough workout. They test your muscles throughout an entire exercise. They are great for functional fitness training. They keep your form in check. They are incredibly safe to use.

EasyStand - Strengthens, improves and maintains bone integrity and skeletal development by lessening and managing the progression of scoliosis. Strengthens the cardiovascular system and builds endurance. Improves circulation. Reduces Swelling. Improves bowel function and regularity. EasyStand will also aid in kidney and bladder functions while improving and maintaining range of motion.

Pedal Exerciser - Now, with the Pedal Exerciser upper or lower body workout, you can get the exercise you expect from a bicycle while seated in your own wheelchair. You can also get more upper body exercise by putting the Pedal Exerciser on a table or higher surface. The Pedal Exerciser Upper or Lower Body Workout stimulates circulation, improves range of motion, and increases muscle strength and coordination.

Theraputtty- The TheraPutty strengthens the opposing muscles, maintaining the delicate muscular balance and improving your dexterity and coordination. You can use the putty to make a loop around your fingers and work on opening and closing.

Shoulder Pulley - These pulleys hang over the door and are used to provide gentle, passive ROM to your shoulder. It is an excellent way to improve rotator cuff health and prevent shoulder injury.

My name is Garrison Redd. I am a T-12 paraplegic born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I am searchable under Garrison Redd on YouTube or @GarrisonRedd on Instagram and Facebook. As well as you can visit my website thegarrisonreddproject.org and you can send me a message on Reeve Connect Garrison Redd or email. I hope everybody stays safe and strong.

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