Finding happiness in the small things

Posted by Reeve Staff in Life After Paralysis on February 26, 2020 # Lifestyle

By guest author Courtney Eicholtz of Team LeGrand

Courtney and her dogAbout me

My name is Courtney, I’m 33, NJ raised me. 13 years ago, I was left paralyzed due to a car accident, but I was left with the use of my hands. That simple blessing enables me to be independent. I’ve lived on my own, I’ve worked over 40 hours a week, I earned a Master of Science degree, I worked in mental health for five years helping victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, and also worked for the Nationwide Suicide Prevention Lifeline. While I did help many people, that path is not for me. I’m now on a positive route, helping, but in a much different way.

The small things

What is happiness to you? Personally, it’s when it’s a sunny 75-degree weather day with no humidity and I can have my dog pull my wheelchair. It’s also when I laugh so hard that no sound comes out and my stomach hurts; when my dog smiles and waggles his tail because he sees me. Also, when I have support from my loved ones and being able to live in a home that’s clean and nice. Happiness is the head of hair I have, my eyebrows, my long eye lashes, my extremely tattooed skin. Hearing so many compliments, every single day, about how nice my tattoos are gives me such joy, so much bliss. Though these are just some things I have in my life, all of them, I believe, are simple. All are free. All come from within me. And that is how I learned to feel as good as possible, every single day - cherish the small things, because life is too short.

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