Attending the annual Spinal Cord Injury BC and Whistler Adaptive Sports Program

Posted by Reeve Staff in Life After Paralysis on January 15, 2020 # Relationships

By guest author Elena Pauly, WAGS of SCI co-founder

My boyfriend, Dan, sustained a spinal cord injury almost four years ago. Our life together has faced some challenges but also has been blessed with moments we will never forget. We believe in living life to its fullest and when opportunities present themselves, we will absolutely take them.

Here is one for the books and one we often reminisce of. Spinal Cord Injury British Colombia, here in Vancouver, BC, is one of the largest organizations within our local community. The people who embody this organization clearly have passion for creating a fun and safe environment for each member. We recently spent an entire weekend with this incredible crew, made new friends within the SCI community and had a soulful adventure in the picturesque Whistler, BC, Canada. I feel so passionately about sharing some of these photos with you all because they show that you CAN still enjoy outdoor exploration after a spinal cord injury. Dan and I enjoyed adapted kayaking, mountain biking, yoga, and trail riding. Even rock climbing was made possible! How cool is that? Whistler Adaptive Sports + SCI BC executed a very nice weekend for all of us to enjoy, including a gorgeous, affordable and accessible stay.

My social media quote that day read….

“Great big thank you for including us to the annual Spinal Cord Injury BC and Whistler Adaptive Sports Program. Living with spinal cord injury makes life a little harder, and your daily tasks now take a little longer. Having the opportunity to participate in hobbies Dan once’s enjoyed was made possible. What most of us able bodied folks don’t know is that everything for those with SCI take A LOT more planning, let alone effort. We are grateful for the many hands and hearts who planned this weekend away for ALL of us in the SCI community. Cheers to 3 years post spinal cord injury, when our lives changed forever. Dan Duffy”

Check out some photos and if you are interested in exploring any of these activities, please reach out to WAGS of SCI and we will help connect you to this incredible team who made this all possible.

Thank you for reading.

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