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Posted by Candace Cable in Life After Paralysis on June 02, 2015 # Health, News

I discovered information on how fruits and vegetables can assist in healing, curbing addiction and how food synergy can increase the affect in a really good way. Just knowing that eating more fruits and vegetables in their most natural form improves my mental health has me feeling more powerful already and excited about moving toward optimal mental and physical health. Heck it’s summer and the cornucopia is over flowing with fruit and vegetables so why not take advantage of the bounty with some personal testing to check-out if this stuff really works.

The berries, lovely blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries have high levels of ellagic acid and in TED talk by William Li (take the time to listen, worth it!) presented at a TED Conference on the subject of angiogenesis - the formation of blood vessels. He spoke of what happens when angiogenesis is out of balance, not enough, wounds don’t heal, too much and disease grows. Next he moved on to antiangiogenic therapy-limiting the out of balance formation of blood vessels and finally about how this therapy is being used to treat diseases like cancer.

William Li said that of all the factors that contribute to cancer rocking your casbah, DIET, is the largest with 30 to 35% of the pie, oh my! And then he went on to say that the compound ellagic acid, in the aforementioned berries, inhibits, let me say that again, inhibits out of balance angiogenesis by 60%! Here is the kicker, “consumed at practical levels.” I don’t have to eat mass quantities of any of these foods to get the benefits they offer me, great news for me, I’m budget conscious.

Eating a diet weighted with processed foods that have the main ingredients of sugar, vegetable oil and refined carbohydrates trigger dopamine dumping that light up the brain toward a pleasure/reward cycle mimicking the drugs cocaine and heroin. Binge eating at it’s best, bet you can’t just eat one.

The he spoke of the synergy factor that enhances the antiangiogenesis effect, well this sent me into a smile fest. Our Mother Earth doth truly love us. So putting strawberries or any berries on top of a spinach salad will increase the body’s ability to balance and heal, just like that. Add alfalfa sprouts and cherries to that salad and I’m lowering my cholesterol. Add avocado and I plump up the carotenoids, improving my eyesight. I haven’t read it anywhere, yet, but my guess is that when I was told to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables it was a subliminal suggestion toward this synergy effect.

Mentioning cherries brings me to the stone fruits, cherries, peaches and plums. The red variety of these stone fruits are on par with the berries, blue, rasp, straw and black, when it comes to their nutrient robustness. Unfortunately the yellow and white peaches, plums and nectarines don’t have the potency as their red brothers and sisters, but they still have value in my diet.

Finally how studies show food playing a pivotal role with inducing and reducing addiction to tobacco. On the flip side one study a of 1000 smokers suggests, that eating a diet toping out on fruits and vegetable (4 or more serving a day) in their most natural state, the smokers were three times more likely to successfully quit smoking. One result of the study found that certain foods, dairy products, fruits and vegetables didn’t taste good to smokers so they quit smoking or they continued to eat the junk food.

Another observation about individuals that have addictions is that many have nutritional deficiencies because of their addiction.Deficiency of vitamin B complex and vitamin D from alcohol abuse will create depression and extreme fatigue. Can you say hangover?

All this is new to me, knowledge about fruits and vegetables putting me ahead of the disease/addiction curse tells me that my love of a big’ol salad has been my blessing in disguise all along. I feel like Snoopy dancing on his dog house, I'm so happy. Remember though if your going to jump on the produce wagon, you’ll best be served by eating as clean and pesticide-free as possible and here's the list of clean and dirty fruit and vegetables. I'm wishing you, happy, healthy summer eating!!!

Blessings to All, In Joy, Candace

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